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Why move your parts from machine to machine?

The Mitutoyo RTX Roundtracer Extreme integrates multiple measurement disciplines into a single, highly accurate platform. The RTX is fast and precise – delivering reproducible results even when measuring workpieces of varying shapes, such as bearings and cam shafts.

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Boost your productivity and precision

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Time-saving consolidation

All-in-one roundness surface roughness and contour measuring with great accuracy.

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Fastest in its class

X and Z drive speeds of 100mm/sec. dramatically improve throughput by reducing positioning times and accuracy.

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CNC operation

Achieve precise, repeatable inline or near-line measurement results without human contact.

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Lead (twist) analysis

3D surface mapping capability ensures critical identification of shaft wear and defects that leads to leakage or premature failure.

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Highly repeatable

New centering table architecture reduces positional changes of the workpiece for measurement repeatability.

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Versatile and flexible

Motorized sliding axis, detector and detector holder let you change the stylus angle, making inside diameter measurement of thick workpieces easier while avoiding interference.

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