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2023- TradeIn/TradeUp

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Upgrade Your Inspection Game with This Mitutoyo Limited-Time Offer

The benefits of a new CMM include:


  • New Technology: Multi-sensor scanning with automatic probe change
  • Increased Versatility: Touch and scanning probes for different part types and surfaces
  • Improved Accuracy: Advanced real-time thermal compensation system
  • Faster Throughput: CMM high-dxrive speeds and 3D measurement paths
  • Reliable Machine Uptime: Integration into factory systems and on-line monitoring
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Built with strict precision in our own factories
  • Get a fresh start with all-new machine power conditioner, air dryer, wiring, styli, and fixturing



Plus, with this limited-time program, you’ll receive more than just a cutting-edge CMM. Our Mitutoyo Customer Success department will assign you a personal customer success representative, providing you with a direct and personalized line of support

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Multi-sensor Capabilities


  • Touch-trigger, scanning and non-contact probes in automatic cycles

  • Lower costs and better productivity from wide measurement applications

  • Acquires accurate measurements for various parts and surfaces quickly


Enhanced Software


  • CAD software like MiCAT Planner reduces programming time

  • MCOSMOS streamlines measurement with fast data processing

  • Full control over sensors for optimum scanning paths and accurate measurements


Smart Factory Capabilities


  • New CNC CMM features for real-time status management and data sharing

  • Smart Measuring System (SMS) with real-time status and condition monitor

  • MeasurLink® software collects and analyzes data to prevent defects



MCOSMOS is a high-quality 3D coordinate measurement software platform with efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting for quality control and manufacturing processes. Streamlined measurements and reliable data are available throughout part production with special expansion modules to meet specific measurement requirements.

MiCAT Planner

MiCAT Planner reduces programming effort by automatically generating efficient part programs for CMMs. It reads tolerance information from a 3D CAD model to determine which features to measure, saving time and reducing costs.

Don’t Miss Out on This Limited Time Offer!

Take this fantastic opportunity to upgrade to a new, state-of-the-art Mitutoyo CNC CMM. The advantages beyond a trade-in allowance are numerous, including new technology, software and components that are light years ahead of manual CMMs and CNC CMMs from not even a decade ago.

The capabilities of a new Mitutoyo CNC CMM, such as the CRYSTA-Apex V Series, the MiSTAR 555 Series and the MACH-V Series, will transform your quality control processes. Experience higher-accuracy measurements along with faster throughput, better efficiency and unheralded professional support to make your inspection line the envy of your competitors.

It’s time to up your CMM measurement game, and you can start the process by simply filling out a single form. With this limited-time program, your move to a new, state-of-the-art Mitutoyo CNC CMM could not be easier, faster or more budget friendly. Click on the form button to take your part precision to the next level.

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Eligible CNC Trade-In Models

How the Program Works

Start the trade-in trade-up program by clicking on any button on this page, fill out the simple form, and one of our Mitutoyo America sales representatives will contact you to discuss your new CMM needs.

Then, Mitutoyo will assess your current CMM for trade-in value. Many considerations go into the amount of your trade-in allowance including machine model and size, versions of the CMM software, your old machine location and the new machine installation location. We will remove and ship your existing machine at no charge as long as it is at the same site.

Enhanced Services

Mitutoyo application engineers can help maximize your new CMM with part programming. CMM contract part programming is an important quality control tool that helps manufacturers ensure the consistent production of high-quality parts that meet customer specifications. Mitutoyo also offers contract inspections where our world-class calibration lab can verify your parts are adhering to the intended tolerances with accuracy down to just 5 nanometers.

Financing Available

Mitutoyo America Corporation offers quick and simplified financing for purchasing measuring equipment. Financing is available for equipment purchases over $20,000 and most transactions are approved in 24 hours or less. A Mitutoyo Sales Representative can explain more details on financing options when evaluating your trade-in allowance and new Mitutoyo CMM needs.

Are you ready to make the change?

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