Standard Products Alone May Not Always Solve Your Measurement Challenges

With newly expanded capabilities from Mitutoyo Custom Solutions, you can customize our products and technology to meet the demanding needs of your specific application.

Our experienced engineers will work directly with you to develop a system that integrates seamlessly with your specific environment—from your production line to your user interface and every step in between.

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Customize Your Measurement Solution

Custom Tailored Measurement Solutions

Leveraging a catalog of over 8,500 products in tandem with non-Mitutoyo components, technology and software, we can provide custom solutions that seamlessly integrate your measurement systems with your production line and process.

Fixture design/build
3D CAD concepts/renderings
Reach and feasibility studies
Turnkey capital projects
Product implementation
Custom styli/accessories
Inline/near-line gaging
Green button technology
Custom software interfaces/patches
Mitutoyo RoboTAG - TAGLENS Optical Measuring Sensor


The Solutions You Need

From shop floor/lab CMM's and Form inspection equipment to non-contact Vision measuring systems and other instruments, Mitutoyo can develop a custom solution for virtually every measurement need.


With the flexibility to use the same technology on the shop floor as in the lab, a custom CMM solution can be integrated directly into your process, shorten inspection times and increase efficiency, helping to reduce scrap and increase profits.


Whether it's surface finish, micro contours, thread inspection, roundness or other fine feature measurements, Form solutions can meet almost every need. With the addition of custom technologies, we help you maximize the efficient use of your quality measurement investment.


By using our CNC line of Vision machines, we can implement high-speed automated inspection of features too small to measure using conventional touch-probe technology. Additionally, additive features can be incorporated into your vision system, enhancing the mechanical, optical, electronic, firmware and/or software capabilities.

Major Instruments

Many of our other standard products can be customized and incorporated into an automated inspection process; including Optical Measurement, Sensor Systems, Hardness Testing Machines, Linear Encoders and DRO Systems, Small Tool Instruments and Data Management Solutions.

We follow a detailed process to determine the custom solution that will work best for your specific needs. Here's how it works:


Our engineers evaluate your manufacturing application and assess your specific needs.


We identify existing Mitutoyo products, algorithms and software that can be modified (with non-Mitutoyo parts, if needed) to best suit your application.


Our team constructs the custom mechanical components and optimized embedded software and firmware elements—providing 3D CAD drawings or prototypes as a proof of concept.


We install and integrate your tailor-made solution into your facility and existing production process.


From training and troubleshooting to expert calibration and ongoing support, our comprehensive services will keep your equipment running and performing in peak condition.

Mitutoyo RoboTAG - TAGLENS Optical Measuring Sensor

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From customizing an existing product to developing completely new equipment, Mitutoyo can design, build and implement an inspection and measurement solution that perfectly fits your application. Schedule an in-person or virtual assessment with a Mitutoyo expert to discuss your unique needs.