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Yehan Numata founded Mitutoyo in 1934 with the goal of making the world’s most accurate micrometer. He wanted that micrometer to be affordable for any manufacturer who wanted to make their products better and contribute to people’s welfare and the wellbeing and safety of society through precision measurement technologies.

Mr. Numata’s philosophy continued to define Mitutoyo throughout the next several decades as the company offered more products with a focus on mechanical and dimensional gaging products while concentrating its R&D and production efforts on creating the most advanced micrometers, calipers, indicators and other measurement tools in the world.

In 1963, Mitutoyo America Corporation was established in New York City and is now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois (just outside of Chicago). Mitutoyo America offers a full product line of precision measuring tools, instruments and equipment with a distribution network, training and education classes, software development, and service support to provide a comprehensive metrology organization.

Initially we provided replacement parts and repair services. As our customer base and service demands grew, Mitutoyo evolved into a sales, marketing, and service organization. We now offer a full line of more than 5,500 metrology tools, instruments and equipment to provide customers every metrology solution from one company.

Mitutoyo America Corporation built one of the highest performance ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratories in the nation to provide customers calibrations with the highest accuracy and lowest measurement uncertainty. Now we offer turnkey metrology solutions and integrate measuring directly into manufacturing processes via inline automation to lead the Industry 4.0 revolution and make quality processes more efficient and cost effective.

Mitutoyo America Corporation has state-of-the-art M3 Solution Centers located across the United States and highly trained technicians to ensure customers are always near the latest in metrology technology, software and service no matter where the company is located.

Local software design and development translates into well-resourced software support. We also provide education and training through the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology to ensure customers understand metrology principles and how to operate tools and equipment properly for the best results. Overall, Mitutoyo America Corporation provides our customers with all the competitive advantages that result from application of best practice metrology.

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