This interactive eLearning course covers the calibration of calipers, including digital and dial models. Developed by the calibration experts at Mitutoyo America, this course combines video of procedures, detailed photos and graphics, and includes a complete calibration procedure that can be downloaded by the student. The calibration methods taught in this course follow the practices outlined in the American National Standard, ASME B89.1.14. The course demonstrates techniques using a 0-6 inch, 0-150 millimeter, caliper and the same strategies can be applied to larger calipers.

This course includes assessment quizzes. A Certificate of Completion is earned upon successful completion of the course.


Completing this course along with EDU-K205 and EDU-K220 will prepare a user to take the EDU-T110 Level 1 Credential Exam. These preparatory courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle (EDUB-201) for a discounted price. 

Course Standard Price
EDU-K210: Calibration of Calipers $50