K205 is a great course for those new to the field of dimensional calibration, as it covers general dimensional calibration concepts. In conjunction with EDU-K210: Calibration of Calipers and EDU-K220: Calibration of Outside Micrometers, this course provides essential content for anyone planning to take the online exam EDU-T110. Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will earn the Mitutoyo Level 1 Certified Credential in Dimensional Calibration on general calibration concepts, and the calibration of calipers and micrometers.

Key concepts included in EDU-K205 are:

  •  What is calibration?
  •  Good calibration practices
  •  Traceability
  •  Brief overview of TAR/TUR
  •  Basics of surface plates
  •  Influences of temperature on dimensional calibration

As noted, completing this course along with EDU-K210 and EDU-K220 will prepare a user to take the EDU-T110 Level 1 Credential Exam.  The preparatory courses can be purchased individually or as a bundle (EDUB-201) for a discounted price. 

Course Standard Price
EDU-K205: Foundations of Dimensional Calibration $30