StrobeSnap is a high throughput, non-stop measurement mode that combines Stream with traditional mode for up to 45% faster measurements.
High-performance tracking auto focus can measure the surface height from mirror to rough finishes with high accuracy & speed. Experience 30% speed improvement over other machines.
QV Pro machines guarantee stated accuracy by conforming to ISO 10360-7. Calibration to these standards is available upon request.
Multiple hardware options available for advanced functionality. Stream provides amazingly high throughput by combining non-stop camera motion with strobe lighting. The TP20 probe can measure sides of an object without rotating it. Optional colored lighting emphasizes edge contrast. Points from focus (PFF) scans capture multiple cross-section images for a 3D scan.
Powerful intuitive software and optional CAD programming for advanced functionality. QVPak for programming & operations. QV3DCAD optional CAD programming software. MiCAT Reporter uses a GUI to output QVPak results to various formats.
MeasurLink® software collects measurement data and stores it in a centralized database for advanced analysis and reporting. Reduces costs, ensures quality & improves efficiency across your organization.

Take Your Non-Contact Measurements to the Next Level

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Pro Series is the latest generation of Mitutoyo vision measurement systems, packed with high-performance technologies that greatly improves 3D non-contact measurements and productivity. This highly advanced measuring system delivers even more speed, efficiency and versatility with features and components that stand above all the rest.

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  • High accuracy for ultra-small devices

  • Ensure quality of advanced manufacturing

  • Up to 4800X optical magnification

  • High accuracy 3D measurement


  • Flexible measurement of EV parts
  • Meet rigorous QC standards
  • Enable programming using 3D CAD
  • Optimized for advanced part technologies


  • Continuous measurement in mass production
  • Prevent nonconformities on the fly
  • 3D measurement with multiple sensors
  • Detect contaminants, burrs & cracks

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