Mitutoyo America Releases Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

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Mitutoyo America Releases Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

Newest CMM realizes world-leading measurement accuracy of 0.28 μm.

AURORA, IL – June 18, 2015 – Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the release of the latest LEGEX ultra-high accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine (CMM). The ultra-accurate LEGEX 4 surpasses conventional CMM performance to deliver world-leading accuracy in length measurement of E0,MPE = (0.28+L/1000) μm.

With the unceasing advancement of scientific and industrial technologies and driving demand for significant improvements in high-accuracy manufacturing, Mitutoyo LEGEX meets the needs of a growing number of manufacturers with applications such as ultra-precise molds, components and aspherical lenses in the automotive, aviation and medical instrument industries, and calibration of master gages for research institutes. To meet these increasing needs, Mitutoyo took a fresh approach when it came to accuracy, starting from the elemental technology level and working upward, with the aim of eliminating all possible sources of measurement error.

Key features:

  • Sources of static and dynamic error minimized to realize world-leading measurement accuracy of 0.28 μm
  • Fixed-bridge structure with moving table
  • Base is made from spheroidal graphite (ductile) cast iron in a sealed-structure design to provide high rigidity and vibration-attenuating characteristics
  • High-rigidity structure and feed mechanisms increase accuracy and improve cycle times
  • Thermally symmetric structure features full covers around the main body to reduce possible impact in ambient temperature changes
  • Vibration-dampening unit is standard
  • An air server stabilizes the air temperature to 20°C±0.1°C

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