Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces the QM-Height Series High Performance Height Gage

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces the QM-Height Series High Performance Height Gage

AURORA, IL –Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the QM-Height Series High Performance Height Gage to its small tools line. The QM-Height is used to measure height, height difference (step), inside/outside widths, inside/outside diameters, circle pitch, free-form surface maximum/minimum heights and height difference by scanning measurement*.  It features best-in-class accuracy ± (2.4+2.1L/600) μm, and a built-in pneumatic flotation system enables smooth movement over a surface plate.

Two sub-display modes display the value from the previous measurements or the value from the zero/origin point. Origin points can also be set from hole centers. Highlighted features:

  • GO/±NG judgment by LED and display symbols: LEDs indicate tolerance judgment status – green for GO, red for +NG, and orange for -NG. Additionally, status is indicated by corresponding symbols appearing on the display.
  • Inside/outside diameters, maximum/minimum heights and displacement measured using a standard probe: Besides height measurement, Mitutoyo’s proprietary mechanism and firmware enables scanning measurement of inside/outside diameters, maximum/minimum heights, and height differences.
  • ABSOLUTE encoder maintains the origin: The electromagnetic induction type ABSOLUTE encoder maintains the origin. The origin does not need to be set after turning on the power. (Except when there is a considerable environmental change).
  • New d2 Digimatic and USB outputs: Digimatic and USB ports are standard. Using the U-WAVE-T measurement data wireless communication system enables instant transmission of measurement data to a PC via wireless communication reducing manual input errors and improves data reliability and operational efficiency.
  • Increased Power Supply: 1,200 hours of battery life in continuous use.
  • Air-suspension Feature: Pressing a button on the grip activates the internal air pump. The base rises on a cushion of air and is able to be moved smoothly over the surface plate.