Online Course: General Calibration Concepts, Micrometers and Calipers

This online course provides an introduction to important concepts in calibration, introduces some of the fundamental measurement standards used in dimensional calibration, such as gage blocks and surface plates, and goes into detail on the calibration methods for micrometers and calipers. Calibration experts at Mitutoyo America developed the course material, and the presented calibration methods are based on the available American national standards. The entire course includes about two hours of video plus some supplementary technical bulletins.

Certified Credentials

Level 1 credential – theory – $75.00
An online test is available that covers the material found in the online training videos. The test has around 50 multiple choice and true/false questions. The test can be taken anywhere and anytime, and you are welcome to use your notes and other resources. So watch the videos, take the test, and earn your credentials to demonstrate your knowledge. The test can be taken a second time at no extra cost. The test is currently only available to customers in the United States and must be ordered through the education department at Mitutoyo America.

Level 2 credential – performance – $250.00
To demonstrate your hands-on skills, we have developed a suite of three proficiency tests. There are two tests using outside micrometers – one small and one big – and the third test using a caliper. These tests involve measuring standards with the size kept secret from the participant – the goal is to demonstrate you have the skills to measure and calibrate correctly. You must pass all three tests to earn the Level 2 credential. As an added bonus, these tests were specifically designed as proficiency tests (PT), which are required for accredited labs. For about half the price of a typical PT, you can earn valuable credentials and satisfy PT requirements at the same time. The testing is currently available at locations around the United States and must be ordered through the education department at Mitutoyo America:

Contact us with requested locations and we will try to make it happen. If you have a group of 10 or more, we can come to you – please contact us to discuss this option further.

The test to earn the Level 2 performance credential is offered with all our calibration seminars, including Seminars 111 and 114.

Registration for Tests

For questions or registration, please call the Education Department at 888-648-8869 (option 6). We can also be reached via e-mail at
Registration by credit card directly, by contacting above or P.O. through authorized Mitutoyo distributor. Office hours are 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Central Time.

Online Course Content

Video #1 – Introduction (length 3:33):
This video introduces Mitutoyo America’s online training and certified credential program.


Video #2 – What is Calibration (length 12:48):
This video defines the fundamental concepts of calibration and tries to sort out the confusion between calibration, verification, and adjustments to measuring instruments.
Additional resource: Technical Bulletin EDU-15006A


Video #3 – The Purpose of Calibration (length 8:54):
This video discusses the role of calibration in ensuring measurement quality.


Video #4 – The Search for Errors (length 6:44):
This video explores what it takes to make a good calibration method.


Video #5 – Traceability (length 8:22):
Calibration is critical to traceability in measurement, as is explained in this video.


Video #6 – Measurement Units (length 11:53):
Microns – tenths – millionths. In this video, you will learn how to speak like a dimensional measurement professional.
Additional resource: Technical Bulletin EDU-15001A


Video #7 – Outside Micrometers (length 16:11):
This video presents the calibration method for outside micrometers based on the American standard ASME B89.1.13-2013.


Video #8 – Calipers (length 17:49):
This video presents the calibration method for calipers based on the American standard ASME B89.1.14-2018.
Additional resource: Technical Bulletin EDU-15003A


Video #9 – Measurement Quality – TAR & TUR (length 10:12):
A good calibration requires a quality measurement. This video explains two tools commonly used to assess calibration quality.
Additional resource: Technical Bulletin EDU-15005A


Video #10 – Gage Blocks (length 17:00):
This video introduces the fascinating gage block, the most critical measurement standard used in dimensional metrology.


Video #11 – Surface Plates (length 5:31):
In this video, we recognize and appreciate the granite surface plate, which rarely gets much attention but is the foundation of so many dimensional measurements. Additional resource:
Technical Bulletin EDU-15004A