Enhance Precision 2D Measurements with the Mitutoyo LH-600F Linear Height Gage

The Mitutoyo LH-600F series Linear Height Gage represents the cutting-edge of 2D linear precision measurements. With unparalleled features and exceptional accuracy, the LH-600F revolutionizes the world of measurements, offering a host of advantages to professionals across diverse industries.

A standout attribute of the Mitutoyo LH-600F Height Gage is its remarkable user-friendliness. The intuitive keypad and touch screen navigation make operating this advanced tool effortless, even for those new to precision measurement. Additionally, the large 8.4-inch color LCD screen provides visual guidance through each measurement step, ensuring a seamless and straightforward user experience. The touchscreen remains responsive even when used with gloved fingers, and the availability of measurement guidance in 21 languages underscores its global accessibility and ease of use.

The true strength of the LH-600F lies in its versatility. Imagine being able to conduct various measurements, including 2D and perpendicularity measurements, using just one tool. With the option of utilizing additional probes and multiple measurement modes, the LH-600F empowers users to undertake a wide range of tasks, such as measuring hole depths and other intricate dimensions.

Precision is paramount in the world of measurements, and the LH-600F excels in this aspect. Boasting a best-in-class accuracy of ±(1.1+0.6L/600)μm and a resolution/repeatability of 0.1μm/0.4μm, the LH-600F epitomizes Mitutoyo’s unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards in height gages.

Beyond its exceptional measuring capabilities, the LH-600F serves as a powerful data management tool. The Statistical Process Control (SPC) data output function enables seamless connection to a computer, streamlining data collection and analysis. Moreover, its compatibility with interchangeable probes, holders, and extensions enhances its adaptability for various measurement tasks.

At the core of the LH-600F lies its linear encoder system, which facilitates rapid and precise measurements, leaving no room for guesswork in your processes. An innovative self-check mechanism detects contaminants like dirt or oil on the encoder, ensuring that measurements are consistently reliable, free from interference, and accurate to the minutest micrometer.

Motorized capabilities on the LH-600F elevate 2D linear measurements to a new level, delivering superior repeatability and reproducibility, thereby rendering it an indispensable tool for precision-critical operations. The enhanced 2D mode unlocks new possibilities, allowing users to measure angles, bolt hole circles, and more.

Discover the power of precision with the Mitutoyo LH-600F Linear Height Gage – a true testament to innovation in measurement technology. Its unparalleled versatility, unwavering precision, and user-friendly design make it a game-changer in the industry. Explore the LH-600F’s impressive capabilities and experience the future of precision measurement with Mitutoyo. Embrace a new era of accuracy and efficiency today with the LH-600F.

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