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Dial Test Indicators – Mitutoyo

Enhanced Durability, Sensitivity and Readability

Choice of dial position
Four models are available, each with a different orientation of the dial to allow the best visibility in any situation.

  • Horizontal (standard model) – dial is on top of the frame.
  • Vertical: dial is on the end of the frame.
  • Horizontal (20° tilted face): dial is on top of the frame but tilted 20°.
  • Parallel: dial is on the side of the frame.

For more information, view our Dial Test Indicators PDF or find your local distributor.

KA-200 Counter Linear Scale Demo

Display Unit for Linear Scale
Multiple feature, intuitive display

• Absolute and incremental modes (10 presets each)
• Non-linear and linear error compensation
• Adjustable high-brightness, high-refresh rate LED displays • Calculator function
• Outputs data into spreadsheets (optional USB card)