Developing the Standards That Drive Precision

Dimensional Metrology Standards

Mitutoyo America Corporation played an important role in helping the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) develop the American National Standards in dimensional metrology. These standards were designed to provide essential requirements for a multitude of precision metrology tools, equipment, artifacts and procedures. They create a basis for mutual understanding between manufacturers, vendors and consumers.

International Protection (IP) Standards

IP standards are a good way to compare the dust and water protection levels of different tools. “IP” stands for either Ingress Protection (an enclosure specification) or International Protection, depending on the situation. The IP codes are normally two digit codes, such as IP65 or IP43.

The first digit in the code tells the size of a foreign object (or dust) that can enter the enclosure. The second digit tells how watertight the enclosure is. The water protection specification is a good gage of how well a tool will hold up against coolant spray.

IP rating standards help operators know under what environmental conditions measuring instruments can be used, and whether a device can be used in or near coolant. This extends the life of the instruments, increases efficiency and reduces machine downtime.