The Quick Vision Active features high measurement speeds and incredible accuracy in an easy-to-operate, space saving model to meet a wide range of non-contact measurement needs. Advanced functionality along with intelligent and automated feature processing tools provide for much more efficient measurements and higher throughput. The newly designed zoom unit and color zoom optical system offers superior flexibility with interchangeable objectives providing 13x – 183x on-screen optical magnification for a viewing range from low magnification, wide field of view, to high magnification micro measurements.

Automatic Edge Detection

The high-resolution optics and multiple programmable light sources provide some of the best edge detection capabilities in a vision system, especially at this price.

Touch Probe Capable

QV Active systems can be equipped with an optional touch probe to capture features on part sides without the need to rotate the part.

High Efficiency

Automatic measurement routines are available with either a click of a button or with image recognition to measure multiple workpiece types and shapes.

Highly Functional Illumination

The QV Active Series uses a programmable LED stage, coaxial and 4-quadrant right light sources for improved responsiveness and measurement throughput.

Non-contact Measurements at a Great Value

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision Active systems use advanced optical and image processing technology to capture and analyze images of the parts being measured. The QV Active includes high-resolution cameras, advanced illumination systems, automatic edge detection and CAD interface, for highly accurate non-contact 3D measurements, all in a compact CNC model. The Quick Vision Active measuring systems are widely used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics, for quality control and inspection purposes. These systems can measure complex parts with high accuracy and speed, providing valuable information for process control and optimization, now at an amazing price. When you purchase a QV Active, you also receive free installation, calibration, training, QVPak software, MeasurLink® software, and a computer and monitor.

Easy to Use

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up and execute measurement routines, as well as automated measurement capabilities that can improve efficiency and reduce errors. The system’s compatibility with various data analysis and management software makes it easy to integrate into existing quality control processes and data systems.