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Mitutoyo CMM Promotion

For a limited time, Mitutoyo America Corporation is offering unprecedented pricing on our CYSTA-Apex S Series CMMs.

This is a great opportunity to buy one of Mitutoyo’s most flexible, high-precision, high-performing CMMs starting at just $59,900 with savings of up to 25%. The special pricing with this promotion includes several CRYSTA-Apex S Series CNC CMM Models including:
  • CRYSTA-Apex S544
  • CRYSTA-Apex S776
  • CRYSTA-Apex S7106
  • CRYSTA-Apex S9106
  • CRYSTA-Apex S9108
  • CRYSTA-Apex S9166
This promotional offer also includes a hardware package, a software package, two options for a probe system and:
  • Machine installation
  • Initial A2LA calibration
  • Multi-day initial training
  • MCOSMOS software with 5-year phone support
  • Styli kit (M2 or M3 based on selected probe option)
  • Part fixture kit
  • 1-year anniversary calibration (includes travel expenses)
  • 2-year factory warranty
  • Temperature compensation (machine and workspace)
  • Precision reference sphere (20mm)
  • Dell computer system
  • Mobile workstation
  • ...

Data Management Systems

As manufacturing companies move toward implementing modern techniques such as Industrial IoT and Statistical Process Control, many companies find integrating measurement data collection into their network can be difficult. Many questions arise, such as: what technology is available, which products are better for an application and which supplier can be trusted as a partner to guarantee success. As a global leader in Metrology Hardware, Software and Services, Mitutoyo is frequently called upon to assist manufacturers in implementing a Data Management System. Partner with Mitutoyo to design your data management system. This document details how to select the right partner, hardware and software needed to fit unique applications. Whether it is a single inspection station or a multiple facility installation, Mitutoyo offers the products and solutions to bring it all together....

MACH Ko-Ga-Me Packages Special Offer

Mitutoyo America Corporation (MAC) is pleased to offer two special MACH Ko-Ga-Me Compact CNC CMM, PC and software packages at a discounted promotional price from now through December 20, 2019. The Ko-Ga-Me CMM with the TP200 Probe Module Kit and Connection System, PC and software has a list price of $81,600, but the promo pricing reduces your cost down to $62,000. The Ko-Ga-Me CMM with the SP25 Scanning Probe Kit #1, PC and Software package has a list price of $85,840, but the promo pricing reduces your cost down to $65,000. Download and view all the details of the Ko-Ga-Me CMM Packages Promo pdf file....



Since 1968, Mitutoyo Corporation has been manufacturing coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The AE100 series manual CMM was the rst CMM to be featured in our U.S. catalog in 1976. Throughout the years, we have built tens of thousands of CMMs to serve a variety of industries around the globe. Due to the success here in North America, some of our CMMs have been in operation for more than 20 years. We are proud of our high quality and product performance, however, we are equally proud of our continued development and advancements in CMM technology. Based on our dedication to accuracy, reliability, speed and enhanced sensor technology, we believe now is the time to upgrade to take advantage of these bene ts. To help the thousands of operators using Mitutoyo legacy CMMs, we are...