Develop CMM Measurement Programs Easier and Faster

Benefits of MiCAT Planner

MiCATPlanner enables more flexible measurement by complying to customizable measuring rules that can be set as needed. Depending on the feature type, size and other criteria, the operator sets the number of measuring points, their distribution, and speed for touch-trigger or scanning probes. Several sets of rules may be applied simultaneously according to manufacturing or customer requirements.

MiCAT Planner also allows you to:

  • Save up to 95 percent on CMM part program creation time
  • Reduce parts programming labor costs
  • Minimize potential costly and damaging probe collisions
  • Ensure maximum efficiency with a virtual pre-run measurement program
  • Select characteristics, features and measurement point sets to include or exclude from the measurement plan
  • Automatically apply individual or global measurement strategies for all part programs or specific programs
  • Explain features that can’t be measured (missing GD&T, probe angle not defined, etc.)

Fast, Efficient, Easy – Up to 95% Less Programming Time

CMM program generation using standard CAD/CAM-based programming packages may require hours or even days. MiCAT Planner automates the entire CAD-based CMM programming process by using Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and part geometry contained within the Model Based Definition (MBD). This automatically generates the entire measurement program with just a few clicks — and reduces programming time by 65–95 percent.

Meet Challenging Production Demands with Measurement Automation

The automated programming capabilities of MiCAT Planner keep up with rapid design revision changes for shorter production cycles, reduced setup time and increased machine uptime.

Automated Measurement Plan and Programming

MiCAT Planner identifies GD&T from 3D models when included in the Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), defines the measurement plan and automatically creates a measurement program from that data. This helps reduce labor costs in part programming.

Eliminates Variations and Errors

MiCAT Planner’s Rules Editor establishes consistent measurement guidelines to eliminate the variations that may occur between multiple CMM programmers.

Faster Measurements

An integrated path-and-probe optimization function automatically selects the shortest measurement path with the fewest probe changes to measure the part as quickly as possible.