NMCC Precision Metals Manufacturing Program Receives High Tech Donation

Aroostook County  – The Precision Metals Manufacturing (PMM) program at Northern Maine Community College has received a significant contribution from the Mitutoyo America Corporation of Illinois.  Mitutoyo specializes in precision measuring tools including coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

The donation includes MCOSMOS software and computer hardware that allows students to write programs for part inspections.  This ability makes verification of dimensional requirements for various parts more efficient.  The equipment went on line this fall and expands on the capability of existing equipment.

According to PMM instructor Dean Duplessis, Mitutoyo works closely with HAAS Technical Education Centers to positively impact precision machining programs that demonstrate a commitment to excellence.  Over the years, HAAS, one of the largest machine tool builders in the world, has donated several pieces of equipment to NMCC.

Says Duplessis, “Mitutoyo is committed to developing progressive partnerships with programs like ours, by providing access to current technology for credit and non-credit instruction.”

Duplessis maintains a number of connections in the industry which has been helpful in securing these major donations.

“We’ve had a number of employers that have hired NMCC graduates who have stepped up on our behalf and said [to large corporations] if you’re going to make an investment in an educational environment, NM is one of the places we think you ought to make that investment,” says Duplessis.  “It’s been a huge shot in the arm.”

Duplessis is proud to say the only difference between the NM Precision Metals program and industry is the size of the facility.

“There are at least two companies using systems like this one in the state.  A student literally could go to those employers and step right into that environment.  The software is virtually identical.”

Every semester, students have the opportunity to manufacture components for companies around the nation through non-revenue generating contracts.  Those contracts vary greatly from precision parts for the recreational industry to mining and much more.

Precision Metals Manufacturing student Devin Armstron works with coordinate measuring machine with the help of new computer hardware and software that was donated to the NMCC program by Mitutoyo America Corporation.