Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New QM-Height Series Height Gage

Mitutoyo is pleased to announce that Mitutoyo is introducing a new product into our line of Small Tool Products.

The QM-Height has best-in-class accuracy of +/- (2.4 + 2.1L/600) um. This height gage can optionally include a built-in air-suspension feature using an internal pump that allows smooth movement over a surface plate. An easy-to-view, simple control panel enables most measurements to be made with a single keystroke. New features on the QM-Height include a longer operating battery life (up to 1200 hours) and USB and d2 Digimatic output capabilities that displays up to 8 digits total.

If you would like further information or assistance regarding this product, please contact your Mitutoyo Precision Tool Sales Representative or the Mitutoyo Sales Office in your area.

  1. Product Name: QM-Height
  2. Delivery Information: Available Now
  3. Literature: Bulletin No.: 2286
  4. Demonstration Sample: No

Remarks: Revision/Replacement of QM-Height. Includes new functions and improvements such as 1200 hour battery life and d2 Digimatic Output.