New Mitutoyo SurfaceMeasure®

New Mitutoyo SurfaceMeasure® non-contact laser probe enhances CMM flexibility, utility
(Aurora, IL)  Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of the new SurfaceMeasure® non-contact, line-laser probe developed for use with CNC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).  The new Mitutoyo SurfaceMeasure® probe is lightweight, high-performance and designed to automatically compensate for environmental variables as well as workpiece characteristics.

Compared to conventional laser probes which have to be adjusted for measuring conditions, the new SurfaceMeasure® non-contact line-laser probe automatically sets laser intensity and camera sensitivity to workpiece color tone and glossiness.  This makes it possible to eliminate the use of dulling spray to simplify set-up while providing a more comfortable laser-scanning environment.

The SurfaceMeasure® non-contact line-laser probe enables CMMs to efficiently obtain workpiece shape data – even from artifacts with complex and/or rounded geometries.  As a result, the SurfaceMeasure® probe transforms the CMM into a tool effective in many phases of production:  In the development phase, the SurfaceMeasure® probe can generate point cloud data for reverse engineering when no pre-existing master or CAD model is available.  In the prototyping phase, the SurfaceMeasure® probe can compare prototypes to CAD data, check for parts interferences, set clearances and help optimize machining settings.  In the production phase, the Surface Measure® probe data can be incorporated into SPC routines to help maintain process capability at desired levels.

The SurfaceMeasure® laser probe utilizes digital signals to eliminate effects of signal deterioration over distance thus enabling high measuring speeds.  Data is captured at 75 lines/sec., over a measuring area of 60mm W x 60mm D.

The SurfaceMeasure® laser probe runs Mitutoyo MSURF® software (which can be started from MCOSMOS®, the proprietary Mitutoyo software providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback and process management including data display, reporting and archiving).  The MSURF-I® module focuses on inspection; MSURF-S® provides user-friendly point cloud data processing while the MSURF-G® off-line teaching module simplifies creation of measurement macros.