New Mitutoyo ST46-EZA® Linear Encoders

New Mitutoyo ST46-EZA®  Linear Encoders set-up without oscilloscope (Aurora, IL)
The new ST46-EZA® Series linear encoders from Mitutoyo America Corporation offer advanced features that make them an ideal choice for linear motion systems.

Equipped with Mitutoyo’s proprietary EZA® system, the ST46-EZA® does not require an oscilloscope for setup.  Instead, installation is performed quickly and easily by utilizing a PC (software is an option) or by using the setup indicator that’s equipped on the encoder.  The indicator’s two red and two yellow LEDs center-in on a green “OK” indicator to signal when set-up is correct.  The connector-integrated LED display also includes an alarm function to indicate anomalies. The ST46-EZA® linear encoder is a space-saving design with a small detector head and small control unit.  Even so, with a maximum effective range of 3000mm (glass base type: 100 – 3000mm; aluminum base type: 10mm – 80mm) and a maximum response speed of 2600mm/sec. (sine wave maximum response speed at -3dB) the ST46-EZA® can be used in large measurement applications.

Versatile and dependable, the ST46-EZA® Series linear encoders provide signal outputs compatible with leading manufacturers’ servo amplifiers.  In addition, these encoders provide a variety of convenient mounting configurations including (more) Mitutoyo ST46-EZA® Series Linear Encoder “double-stick tape-type” and “pull-fixing” type mounting.

Mitutoyo linear encoder systems are manufactured in a dedicated, state of the art facility located eleven meters below ground.  This unique environment (cleanliness factor: 100) isolates the facility from external vibration and assures minimal variation in temperature and humidity to optimize the ultra-precise manufacture and evaluation of Mitutoyo linear encoder products.