New Mitutoyo QVPAK® 10.0

New Mitutoyo QVPAK® 10.0 vision measurement software includes numerous productivity enhancements

(Aurora, IL)  Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of version 10.0 of its QVPAK® suite of vision measurement software.  Now provided as standard with all Mitutoyo QuickVision® 3D CNC vision measurement systems, QVPAK® 10.0 makes it even easier and more intuitive to control all relevant vision measurement processes including lighting control, magnification and part programming.

QVPAK® 10.0 includes new features that make part programming more convenient than ever.  For example, the user interface can be freely split into windows that can then be dragged anywhere on the desktop, resized, minimized, placed atop one another or hidden.  Each user can custom design individualized screen set-ups on several monitors including, for example, widescreen display of the workpiece image.

The new loop generation allows virtual display and execution of complex loop strategies associated with part program creation.  The operator is presented with a graphic visualization of the loop prior to execution allowing greater understanding prior to loop generation.  This function is available with both Array (Coordinate) and Circular (Rotational) Loop methods.  It is now possible to “promote” and “demote” features and methodologies to and from a loop.

QVPAK® 10.0 also introduces QVEasyEditorTM with multiple language views.  QVEasyEditorTM enables the operator to read, debug, and modify part programs – all without requiring any previous part programming experience.  QVEasyEditorTM represents a part program as visualized in a tree structure format making it easy to create, edit, insert, copy, paste, evaluate and execute.  Icons make programming commands immediately recognizable while simplified terminology reduces complexity.  A hierarchical structure intuitively portrays relationships between commands and the graphical display.

QVEasyEditorTM also simplifies recording of part programs:  Instead of having to carry out the preliminary step of “learning” a part program in a separate mode, the software now goes directly into the recording mode every time it is started.  In recording mode, part programs can be easily edited as each individual line can be opened by a double-click.  This “modeless” operation means the user is not required to exit the learning mode for editing but can execute lines immediately as edited, or, lines can be added right away for testing.

Newly shipped Mitutoyo QuickVision 3D CNC vision measuring systems are now equipped with QVPAK® 10.0; an upgrade of existing QuickVision machines to the 10.0 version of the software is also available.