New Mitutoyo MACH®-3A CNC CMM

New Mitutoyo MACH®-3A CNC CMM developed Specifically for in-line applications

(Aurora, IL)  Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of the new MACH®-3A CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine – a CMM that brings levels accuracy and performance expected from Mitutoyo to in-line applications.  Instead of the basic GO/NO GO judgments common to in-line gaging, the MACH®-3A CNC provides comprehensive measurements to enable statistical control utilizing numeric data.  The MACH®-3A is a clean slate design embodying numerous features dedicated to functionality and high-performance for in-line applications.

The Mitutoyo MACH®-3A CMM is a horizontal-arm type machine with high speed and high acceleration (max. speed of 1,212mm/s, max. acceleration of 11,882mm/s2 – both in vector direction) that contributes to high throughput for greater productivity and lower total owning and operating costs.

The MACH®-3A is compact, requiring only a minimal envelope which minimizes its impact on line layouts.  This, plus high-environmental resistance, make the MACH®-3A easy to integrate into both upstream and downstream processes – even under demanding production floor conditions.

Conventional CMMs typically require dust-controlled environments to maintain accuracy.  But with a drive unit protected by covers, precision linear guide systems for each axis instead of air bearings, and with its controller and PC installed in a dust-proof housing, the Mitutoyo MACH®-3A is highly-resistant to the effects of dust, mist and humidity.  Additionally the MACH®-3A  tolerates a wide range of operating temperatures – guaranteed to maintain accuracy between 5° and 40°C.  Additional production-oriented features include a machine status indicator (signaling machine fault or abnormal measurement), an ergonomically-positioned touch-panel monitor with built-in compact keyboard, plus a built-in, industrial-grade controller and PC.  It all means the MACH®-3A CMM offers the functionality, durability and stability required for 24/7 in-line operation.

The MACH®-3A CMM comes with standard with MCOSMOS® (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support) which supports virtually every CAD format while providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management.  MACH®-3A architecture together with available Mitutoyo software packages make it easy to integrate this machine with high-level network environments for true enterprise-wide functionality.