New Mitutoyo HR Series

New Mitutoyo HR Series hardness testing machines raise the bar for value

(Aurora, IL)  New HR-200/300/400/500 Series Rockwell hardness testing machines from Mitutoyo America Corporation offer enhanced performance with improved frames, better ergonomics and many other productivity boosting features.  And, they are economical to own and operate – making HR machines the value leaders in Rockwell hardness testing.

Mitutoyo HR-200/300/400 Series hardness testers share a new frame design that provides maximum clearance for flexible workpiece positioning and to facilitate mounting to any flat surface.  Mitutoyo HR-500 Series testers feature a projected-nose indenter arm for easy access to both interior and exterior surfaces.  All HR Series hardness testers are robust and suitable for production floor as well as lab settings.

Even the entry level HR-210MR Rockwell tester is feature-packed.  It has a motorized major loading system to reduce the chance for operator error (common with conventional oil dash pot systems).  The result is improved accuracy and repeatability.  In addition, the HR210MR features a dial indicator readout with a preset function that automatically zeros-sets the primary (minor) test force.

The mid-range HR-320MS is selectable for both Rockwell and Rockwell/ Superficial scales.  The HR-320MS features a high contrast LCD digital display, conversions for all common scales, and a motor driven loading sequence.

The HR-430 Series is available in Rockwell-only or Rockwell/Superficial Twin Tester models.  HR-430 models feature an automatic brake-and-start feature to prevent overloads during the minor load cycle and to initiate testing when the proper load is achieved.  HR-430 testers also include the convenient dial-a-weight  major load selection system.

The advanced HR-500 Series Rockwell hardness testing machines offer multiple test force generation for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial and optional Brinell hardness testing.  HR-500 Series testers feature a projected-nose indenter arm for easy reach of both interior (min. Ø1.6” [40mm]/Ø.86” [22mm] when using optional diamond indenter) and exterior surfaces.  The HR-500 utilizes closed loop electronic test force control for extremely accurate loading while an auto-stop elevation table and automatic preliminary test force loading assure consistent test force generation.

All HR Series hardness testers can perform Brinell hardness tests when equipped with available optional accessories: a Brinell indenter, weight set and measurement microscope.

HR Series Rockwell hardness testing machines support MeasurLink®, Mitutoyo proprietary statistical processing and process control software.  MeasurLink® performs measurement data analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC Software and other management routines.  The program also provides archiving and can be linked to a higher-level network environment for enterprise-wide functionality.