New Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex®S CMM

New Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex®S Coordinate Measuring Machine offers enhanced performance, improved economics

(Aurora, IL)  The new CRYSTA-Apex®S Coordinate Measuring Machine from Mitutoyo America Corporation brings new levels of performance and economy to the 1.7 µm class of CNC CMMs.

With a maximum error of MPEE = (1.7+3L/1000) µm, the new Mitutoyo CRYSTA-Apex®S more than doubles the effective measuring range at a given measurement tolerance as compared to typical CMMs in its class.  Additionally, the CRYSTA-Apex®S drive features high-speed (max 519 mm/s) and high acceleration (max 2,309 mm/s2).  These advances result in higher throughput for greater productivity and lower total owning and operating costs.

The CRYSTA-Apex®S uses the new UC-400® controller to manage digital servo system control loops for position, speed, and current.  This makes it easy to implement various types of control algorithms.  Additionally, the digital servo system has a wide dynamic range and is highly resistant to drift over time.

Extreme rigidity helps the CRYSTA-Apex®S maintain accuracy.  The Y-axis guide rail is integrated into one side of the granite surface plate.  Precision air bearings located on the bottom, front, rear and upper surfaces of the X-axis sliderminimize vibration and ensure stability even during high-speed, high-acceleration operation.

Accuracy is further enhanced by an advanced Temperature Compensation System.  The System consists of a thermometer unit that measures the temperatures from thermal sensors located on the scale units of the CMM main unit and from a set of workpiece thermal sensors.  The temperature data is transferred to the UC-400® machine controller for thermal compensation.  For proper workpiece compensation, the thermal expansion coefficient of the workpiece material is entered by the user; since the material of scale units of the CMM is constant, this expansion coefficient is permanently stored in the temperature unit.

The CRYSTA-Apex®S supports a wide range of probes that offer increased capabilities including the MPP-310Q scanning probe that collects cloud point data at speeds of up to 120 mm/s.  Other probes suited for screw depth measurement, ultra-small diameter measurement and non-contact measurement are also supported.    Available software options enable the CRYSTA-Apex®S to tackle a wide variety of measurement applications.  Software packages include GEOPAK®, a high-functionality general-purpose measurement program which is at the heart of MCOSMOS® (Mitutoyo Controlled Open System for Modular Operation Support) software.  MCOSMOS® supports virtually every CAD format while providing routines for in-line measurement, data feedback, and process management.  Additional software supported includes: CAT1000S® for freeform surface evaluation; CAT1000P®, an offline teaching program; SCANPAK®, for contour measurement; and a range of programs supporting laser and vision probes.

CRYSTA-Apex®S provides USB communications for connectivity.  Additionally, CRYSTA-Apex®S supports MeasurLink STATMeasure Plus®, Mitutoyo’s proprietary statistical-processing and process-control program.

MeasurLink STATMeasure Plus® performs statistical analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC Software applications.  The program can also be linked to a higher-level network environment for enterprise-wide functionality.