Mitutoyo Releases 3-Beam Laser Line Scanner

Simultaneous scanning with 3-line crossing laser beams requires fewer probe angles.

(Aurora, IL) – April 29, 2014 –Mitutoyo America is pleased to announce the addition of the new SurfaceMeasure 606T 3-Beam Line Laser Scanner to our line of CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine Probe Systems. This addition to the SurfaceMeasure laser probe lineup (606, 610, and 1010), extends the laser probe capabilities of Mitutoyo CMM’s with faster data acquisition and less probe orientations for increased throughput. The SurfaceMeasure series of non-contact probes satisfies practically any desired combination of accuracy, measuring speed, and measuring range.

SurfaceMeasure Line Laser scanners are lightweight, high-performance, non-contact probes developed for use with Mitutoyo CNC coordinate measuring machines. These laser probes utilize digital signals to eliminate the effects of signal deterioration on measurement accuracy improving data acquisition (measuring speed). The SurfaceMeasure laser probes automatically adjust laser intensity and camera sensitivity corresponding to the measuring environment and the workpiece material making the use of powder-sprays to acquire measurement data unnecessary and thereby by reducing the laser-scanning environment uncertainty.

Highlighted features of the 606T include simultaneous scanning with 3-line crossing laser beams requiring fewer probe angles to achieve the same coverage as a single line laser, this minimizes probe calibration time and allows more part coverage with fewer probe changes. SurfaceMeasure probes are not only for dimensional measurement and can also be used for modeling from point group data using commercial software, structural/fluid analysis and data transfer to a molding machine as a tool for digital engineering. Applications for the 606T include transmission cases, sheet metal, car body inner panels, molds and dies, and custom and short-run parts manufacturing.