Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces the CRYSTA-Apex V Series CNC CMM Machines

AURORA, IL – August 24, 2020 – Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the CRYSTA-Apex V Series to its Coordinate Measuring Machine product line. The new generation of the CRYSTA-Apex Series will provide the highest speed, accuracy, precision and versatility in the current Mitutoyo CNC coordinate measuring machine line-up. The launch of the CRYSTA-Apex V also introduces the Mitutoyo Gold Care PLUS Productivity Program.

Key features:

  • High-Speed/High Acceleration/Drive: Features a maximum measuring speed significantly faster than competitive CNCs. The combination of high speed and high acceleration dramatically reduces measuring time and cost.
  • Shorter Measurement Times: Users can set measuring paths for high speed scanning, 3D and active scanning of complex workpieces.
  • Temperature Compensation System: Guarantees measurement accuracy for temperature conditions between 16 to 26° Independent sensors work in tandem to measure scale, workpiece and ambient temperature. Results are superior to comparable systems that only compensate for scale temperature.
  • Smart Factory Functionality: The Crysta-Apex V series utilizes three smart factory applications, consolidating the information management manufacturing process within a network:
    • Status Monitor: Allows remote monitoring of the operational status of measuring instruments.
    • Condition Monitor: Enables remote monitoring of the current condition of measuring instruments.
    • MeasurLink®: Reduces the production of defective parts through “visualizing quality” via complete data management.
  • Smart Measuring System (SMS): Allows on-line monitoring of the measuring status and visualization of measurement data, enabling product quality improvement and internet of things capabilities.
  • Superior Flexibility: Crysta-Apex V Series can adapt to work on a range of sizes for small- to medium-sized work pieces. It also features multi-sensor capabilities and compatible vision and scanning probe technologies.

Gold Care PLUS is an updated version of the Mitutoyo legacy productivity program, Gold Care. Gold Care PLUS continues many of the Gold Care features while adding MeasurLink® Pro V9 software, Status Monitor with integrated MT Connect, Quick Launcher, Fixture builder, a 12A power conditioner and an air dryer.