Mitutoyo America Releases New RA-1600M Roundness Tester

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America has released the new RA-1600M Roundness Tester as an addition to its line of Roundness Measurement Instruments. The RA-1600M is a PC-based Roundness and Cylindrical-Form measuring system with numerous analysis features including perpendicularity, coaxiality and concentricity, allowing inspection of a wide variety of manufactured parts. The system has top-end precision and a high rotational accuracy of (0.03+6H/10000)µm not commonly found in entry and mid-range models. Offered at a very competitive price, this instrument will provide value and performance to any quality lab or in-line production inspection area.

Additional features include; mechanical micrometer heads on the alignment table for quick and easy centering and leveling of workpieces, an optional sliding detector-unit holder for larger diameter parts and a collision prevention feature in the detector which recognizes accidental stylus touches and stops the system to avoid a contact error that could result in downtime and repair costs.

The RA-1600M utilizes Mitutoyo’s ROUNDPAK data analysis. ROUNDPAK supports easy to create part programing and can generate reports in a variety of customizable formats. The software evaluates a wide variety of parameters and conforms to current ISO/JIS standards. A variety of optional product accessories are available to ensure best fit and performance for inspection applications.

Download the RA-1600M Roundness Tester Press Release
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