Mitutoyo America Corporation to Exhibit at OTC Houston

Mitutoyo America Corporation will exhibit at OTC, Offshore Technology Conference 2019, May 6-9 in Houston, TX, Booth #8553.

Featured products include:

  • MACH Ko-Ga-Me: A compact, 3D high accuracy CNC measuring system that can be configured to almost any process. Its flexibility allows for use in standalone applications or be integrated into work cells. The MACH Ko-Ga-Me is ideal for inspection of large or small work pieces and offers a wide choice of measuring probes including touch-trigger, optical and scanning types.
  • Vision Quick Image: The Quick Image Series of telecentric lens-based 2D Video Inspection Systems includes three new CNC models in addition to the currently available manual models. QIPAK software includes an image stitching function, and with the combination of a moving stage, image stitching allows for entire coverage of the measuring envelope for larger pieces without losing resolution or accuracy.  QIPAK software creates inspection routines, part programs and repeat measurements using a single mouse click. 
  • Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500: The Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500 is a high-accuracy contact type CNC contour and surface roughness measuring system that introduces a dual-sided stylus design into the CNC model for the first time. This allows for accurate measurements and analysis of both upward and downward directions without having to stop for orientation adjustments. Its Z2-axis Tracking Measurement function, combined with the dual-sided stylus, allows for accurate measurement of large inner and outer diameters while using the column Z2-axis scale positions.
  • MeasurLink™9 Data Management System: Easy-to-use data collection and real time Statistical Process Control (SPC) suite enabling centralized data with the most versatile tool and instrument interface options available. MeasurLink® provides part inspection visualizations that are second-to-none, ensuring a clear view of your inspection process and your measurement results.