Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New Linear Gages & Counters

Mitutoyo is pleased to announce the addition of new Linear Gages and Counters in our contact sensor line.

The new EJ Counters have two inputs each which save space, are DIN rail mountable, compact, expandable, and offer output options such as, USB and CC-Link. More output options will be available later in 2021. Our free setup software provides live readings of each gage or calculations between gages and allows for easy setup of each counter. Purchase any of the output interfaces to communicate with the software through USB-C.

The LG100 Series Linear Gages have improved specifications such as higher impact resistance, superior ingress protection (IP67G), long life bearings, tighter repeatability and narrow range accuracy, and a reference origin (for position recall).

Find more information and details in the full Linear Gages New Product Announcement.