New Mitutoyo Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500

New Mitutoyo Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500 Series form measuring systems boost productivity with class-leading speed, accuracy (Aurora, IL)  Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500 Series form measuring systems.  These instruments combine the highest accuracy* and fastest drives** in their class together with numerous time-saving features.  The result is significantly increased throughput.

New Mitutoyo Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500 Series machines feature a precision arc-scale built into the Z1 axis (detector) allowing the arc trajectory of the stylus tip to be read directly, thus minimizing error.  And the SV-C3200/4500 now employs an innovative, new detector arm held by a magnet to expand the measurement range in the Z1 (detector) axis by 10mm.  This arm design also helps prevent interference with the workpiece to help avoid stylus damage and resultant downtime.

The SV-C3200/4500 Series machines enable measuring force adjustment via a software function.  They also feature a bidirectional measurement stylus that allows for measurement of pitch circle diameters without the need to change arm orientation.

SV-C3200/4500 machines incorporate Mitutoyo’s ABS (Absolute®) scale on the Z2-axis (column) which eliminates the need to reset the origin when taking repeated measurements.

Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500 Series form measuring systems work with Mitutoyo FORMTRACEPAK® analysis software.  Available in 15 language views, FORMTRACEPAK® offers total support for measurement system control and comprehensive measurement analysis as wells as generation of inspection reports.

Additionally, Formtracer® SV-C3200/4500 Series instruments support USB communications including output to measurement data applications such as MeasurLink®, Mitutoyo’s proprietary statistical-processing and process-control program which performs statistical analysis and provides real-time display of measurement results for SPC Software applications.  The program can also be linked to higher-level network environments for enterprise-wide functionality.

*Accuracy: CV-3200: Z1 axis (detector) = ± (1.6 + | 2H | /100) µm; CV-4500: Z1 axis (detector) = ± (0.8 + | 2H | /100) µm. X axis, 4”drive = ± (0.8+0.01L) µm; X axis, 8” drive = ± (0.8+0.2L) µm.

** Drive speed: X-axis (0-80mm/s and manual operation); Z2-axis – column (0-30mm/s and manual operation).