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MeasurLink® 9 Workgroup Promotion

Effective Sept. 29 through Dec. 17, 2021 Save up to $4,365 on MeasurLink® 9 SPC & Data Collection software with our MeasurLink® 9 Workgroup Promotion. Mitutoyo’s workgroup promotion makes it affordable and easy to centralize and analyze inspection data. There are two different workgroup licensing options to choose from. Click here to learn more....

Notification of firmware defect on QM-Height

We hereby announce a firmware defect on some QM-Height high performance height gages which are manufactured by Mitutoyo Corporation. As a measure to resolve the defect, Mitutoyo America Corporation is offering to update the firmware of affected QM-Height units at no cost. Please contact to schedule your firmware update. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will continue to focus on quality improvement.

The details of the defect are as follows. 1. Defective point: Firmware The QM-Height has a guaranteed accuracy of ±(2.4+2.1L/600)µm in the height measurement mode with the standard probe at 20°C. When using the inside or outside diameter measurement mode there may be additional error, and the firmware update may provide some accuracy improvement.

2. Model: QM-Height series, total of 20 models a. Manufacturing timeframe: ...

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New MF Microscope Packages

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New MF Microscope Packages

Mitutoyo is pleased to announce the release of MF microscope packages that include the M2 geometric software and touch screen tablet as well as a retrofit package for D generation MF and MF-U microscopes in the field. The M2 software is easy to use and allows for graphic-based part view feature construction. The user can also apply tolerances, export data, and create reports. For more detailed information download a pdf file of the New Product Announcement for MF/MF-U Microscopes w/M2 Software Packages. Click here to download/view the literature for MF / MF-U Measuring Microscope packages....

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New Linear Gages & Counters

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces New Linear Gages and Counters

Mitutoyo is pleased to announce the addition of new Linear Gages and Counters in our contact sensor line. The new EJ Counters have two inputs each which save space, are DIN rail mountable, compact, expandable, and offer output options such as, USB and CC-Link. More output options will be available later in 2021. Our free setup software provides live readings of each gage or calculations between gages and allows for easy setup of each counter. Purchase any of the output interfaces to communicate with the software through USB-C. The LG100 Series Linear Gages have improved specifications such as higher impact resistance, superior ingress protection (IP67G), long life bearings, tighter repeatability and narrow range accuracy, and a reference origin (for position recall). Find more information and details in the full

Mitutoyo America Releases New PJ-Plus Series

Mitutoyo America Corporation Introduces the PJ-Plus Series Profile Projector

The Mitutoyo Profile Projector-Plus is a new series of profile projectors that utilize LED lighting and provides reliable measurements in manufacturing site environments. The Profile Projector-Plus provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments conventional models can’t handle, such as manufacturing and processing lines. Key features:
  • LED illumination: Implementing LED vs. halogen lighting eliminates the need for a main-unit cooling fan, limiting entry of oil, mist, dust, etc. into the measuring instrument. LEDs are also more durable, greatly reducing lamp burnout and power consumption.
  • Stepless illumination adjustment: Stepless illumination control is more efficient and allows light levels to be set precisely to suit surface textures and color or a workpiece.
  • Built-in digital XY counter: Displays XY axes and angle readings in large characters on the front...

Mitutoyo America Releases Renewed SJ-410

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases Renewed SJ-410 Series

We are pleased to announce the release of the RENEWED SJ-410 series to our line of Form Measurement Instruments. This new version incorporates the new striking rich colors common to the redesign of our brand and products to reflect usability, innovation and appeal. Appealing functions and features such as portability, easy to use operations combined with rich color-graphic LCD touch screen continues to be its core design base. A built-in thermal printer, free downloadable software, various out-put capabilities and additional tools using optional software Formtracepak-AP makes this portable unit capable of analysis comparable to a high-level PC based system. View the full New Product Announcement for details and pricing....

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New AI Inspect Software

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New AI Inspect Software

  Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new Mitutoyo AI Inspect Software to its overall lineup of software solutions.  Intended for use in determining defects in multiple applications, Mitutoyo AI Inspect is a standalone software product designed to assist customers with next generation visual defect analysis. For more details, view the AI Inspect brochure or visit

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New MeasurLink® Collection Schedule Module

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New MeasurLink® Collection Schedule Module

We are pleased to announce that Mitutoyo is introducing a new module into our MeasurLink Suite. MeasurLink’s Collection Scheduler is a module that allows the user to track measurement collection times for multiple active or suspended runs on that Real-Time station. The module displays tiles for each run and shows several color stages based on checkpoints to keep measurements on track. In addition, an email can alert the supervisor if no measurement is started within specified time. Designed for customers that manufacture and measure on a timed measurement schedule, Collection Scheduler works in conjunction with any Real-Time edition to alert operators when the next measurement is due with a colorful Andon display and timer. The perfect tool to keep measurements on-time for operators running multiple machines or jobs, the...

Smart Measuring Systems for the Smart Factory

Leveraging the Power of Real-Time Data Visualization

Ken Myers, Solutions Manager Gene Hancz, CMM Product Specialist

Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Today’s manufacturers are under pressure to be more flexible, reduce downtime and costs and increase efficiencies. In addition to making new investments in production and technology, data-driven manufacturing companies are responding to these pressures by leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), the industrial internet of things, (IIoT), cloud computing technologies and innovations in smart measurement and quality data management systems—resulting in greater visibility into their operations. AI is already transforming manufacturing by outperforming humans in its ability to provide insights that inform timely, data-driven decisions and productivity improvements. In some operations, AI looks for conditions like idle equipment or scheduled maintenance in order to make decisions about reassigning parts measurement. AI can also leverage inspection results for decisions...

Industrial Evolution

Bringing QA to the Point of Production

Ken Myers, Solutions Manager Gene Hancz, CMM Product Specialist

Challenging the Measurement Status Quo Today’s manufactured components are more complex than ever, with more parts diversity, more model year changes and tighter tolerances than ever before. This is driving a need for increased quality control and the implementation of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and other metrology processes into the manufacturing process. And, with demands to produce parts even cheaper and faster, manufacturers are taking a new look at where the components measurement process should happen. Traditionally, components manufacturers have relied on a measurement process in which skilled operators use computer-controlled equipment to validate randomly selected parts in batches, usually post-production and offline in a quality laboratory or other controlled environment. Sometimes referred to as “tailgate measurement,” this process can be problematic. When the...