Support for MeasurLink® 8 ends June 30, 2023. Find out how to upgrade to MeasurLink® 10 and save 50% while renewing your support.

A Range Of Benefits

Plan your upgrade to MeasurLink® version 10 before June 30th to take advantage of the latest software technology for quality control and data management. After nearly 8 years, Mitutoyo is ending support for MeasurLink® 8, but we are launching a more powerful version of MeasurLink® on April 3, 2023. The latest and greatest features from MeasurLink® 10 isn’t the only reason to upgrade. Upgrading includes free phone, web and email support, free training videos, and device builds and support for data import automatic data capture from third-party equipment. MeasurLink® 10 will also give your organization access to additional upcoming features to make it even easier to turn Quality Control into Quality in control.

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Free Service Pack Updates

50% Off Upgrade

Unlimited Phone, Web, and Email support for two versions

Free Online MeasurLink® Basics Videos

One Free Import Template

Free Device Builds

See What's New

MeasurLink® 10 will include amazing new functions to improve life for operators, inspectors, engineers, managers, and anyone else who is interested in collecting, analyzing or reviewing quality data. Gain the competitive edge with new process improvement, productivity monitoring, reporting and analysis, and smart factory automation tools.

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Improved Database Performance

Support for Windows 11

Factory automation support

Productivity Monitoring

Automated Analysis and Reporting

And More!



MeasurLink® 10 features include support for C=0 and Z1.4 acceptance sampling plans, new analysis tools, lightning-fast database and software performance, and more!

MeasurLink® 10

MeasurLink® customers using any version can upgrade for 50% off and receive all the great benefits, renewed tech support, and new process improvement tools have to offer.

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