The updated MCOSMOS V5.2 CMM software delivers new innovative features such as AQDEF support, 3D visualization of perpendicularity, and the ability to select multiple tolerances for a single element. These new features are designed to enhance a user’s experience and provide more precise and efficient CMM measurements.

MCOSMOS helps you carry out all your measuring and test jobs at lightning speed, simply and safely while handling large amounts of data with ease, making it available across all the networked areas of the production chain. This streamlines the measuring process, optimizes the flow of information, and minimizes non-conformances. The result is increased efficiency throughout the production process with significantly reduced costs.

AQDEF® Support

Advanced Quality Data Exchange Format is an extended quality data exchange format for standardized data exchange between length measuring devices and standard tools for statistical evaluation such as qs-STAT von Q-DAS.

3D Perpendicularity Support

Powerful graphics help visualize the directional tolerance perpendicularity of a plane relation to different reference features (plane, axis of cylinder, axis of cone).

Multiple Tolerance Selection

Select multiple tolerances for an element and individually determine which tolerance is displayed and how it is designed.

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Data Recording Standardized

AQDEF was developed based on the Q-DAS ASCII transfer format. The Q-DAS ASCII transfer format defines how information about measured parts and their environment (machines, operators) is exchanged between different measuring systems.

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Easily Define Required Fields

AQDEF is a list of data fields, so-called K-fields with which each piece of information can be clearly assigned. There are mandatory K-fields (status 1) and optional K-fields (status 2). In addition to the mandatory K-fields, it is possible to define which of the optional K-fields are required for all part programs (global configuration).

Fast, Efficient, Easy-to-Use CMM Software

MCOSMOS is Mitutoyo’s proprietary metrology suite of interrelated modules and dedicated expansion modules for Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. Available in 37 countries and 12 different languages, MCOSMOS sets the world’s standard for metrology software.

MCOSMOS allows for integration among a whole series of applications, improving the efficiency of your CMM and bringing greater productivity to your quality control functions. Expansion modules such as GEOPAK are available for specific applications including gear measurement, airfoil analysis, reverse engineering and integrating CAD with metrology.

The modular MCOSMOS system gives you the ability to tailor your measuring software so that it includes only the specific modules needed to meet requirements. Measurement results may be displayed, printed and archived with numerous built-in and user-defined formats.

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New 3D View Menus

If several elements have been selected in the 3D View, a reduced context menu is available. This context menu includes the actions that can be carried out for all selected elements. This saves time because the actions do not have to be carried out for each element individually.

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Optimized for Large CAD Files & Speed

A large amount of progress has been made in Mitutoyo’s optimization for large CAD files over their previous versions of software, lowering process time and improving the overall operation of MCOSMOS.

Power Your CMM with the Latest MCOSMOS V5.2

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