General Manufacturing Realities

No two machining applications are the same. From standard lathes and milling machines to multiple access machines, cutters and lasers, each manufacturing tool comes with its own challenges for traceability and repeatability. What’s more, these measurements must be accurate, consistent and fast.

Efficiency Pressures

Faced with budgets and high demand, manufacturers attempt to reduce costs by speeding up production cycles and increasing throughput. However, this can lead to mistakes that have serious consequences, since error-ridden products require costly reproduction. To solve this, Mitutoyo has developed innovative technology and measuring devices that are highly accurate, fast and durable.

Industry Variations

Factory-floor applications of nearly every shape, size and space play a major role in countless industries. These industries measure diverse factors like roundness, roughness, hardness, length—or even multiple factors throughout the production process. Without an integrated, full-scope metrology solution, critical errors are possible.

Mitutoyo’s Expertise

Mitutoyo partners with global manufacturers in a wide range of industries to deliver perfectly calibrated, reliable metrology solutions for machined products. Our efficient solutions run the gamut of metrology applications, allowing practically any manufacturer to rapidly ensure quality.

Traceability to NIST standards

Full range of solutions: in-line and offline, contact and non-contact

Coordinated software for efficient data storage and analysis

General Manufacturing Metrology Solutions by Mitutoyo

Our advanced form measurement solutions, coordinate measuring machines and full line of precision measuring tools bring trusted precision to machined products of various sizes, materials and forms.
small tool instruments and data management
Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily manage your measurement data using a Mitutoyo data management system powered by MeasurLink® software

form measurement
Form Measuring

Our form measuring solutions accurately assess complex geometries of any shape, roundness or roughness

coordinate measuring machines
Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection

vision measuring machines
Vision Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo builds a wide array of highly accurate, best-in-class vision systems for non-contact measurement applications

Optical Measurement

Our high-resolution microscopes and profile projectors measure minuscule electronic components with high accuracy and repeatability

Sensor Systems

As an industry-leading provider of contact and non-contact sensor systems, Mitutoyo supports your strictest measurement needs

Test Equipment

Our accurate, user-friendly testing equipment solutions set the industry benchmark for most standardized testing methods

Linear Encoders and DRO Systems

Mitutoyo digital and linear measurement tools deliver ultimate precision, accuracy to in-house machine tool applications and manufacturing

Honing in on Manufacturing Tool Precision

The nickel-chromium-based super-alloy components from Hone-All Precision require deep hole boring to complete: a process that is notoriously difficult to machine. Find out how two-point bore micrometers from Mitutoyo allowed Hone-All to finish part-machined components exactly to spec and earn their customers’ confidence.

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