Energy Industry Challenges

The world’s demand for energy never slows, which makes it essential for mechanical and infrastructure applications to deliver sustainable, reliable, ongoing performance. What’s more, as new regulatory requirements come into play, data collection is essential to the traceability process.

hazardous environments

Hazardous Environments

From extreme temperatures to harsh weather and high pressure, energy solutions must meet strict industry codes and standards while continuing to perform in even the harshest conditions. Additionally, maintenance can pose its own challenges, requiring top-of-the-line field service for large or unwieldy machinery.

Minimal Downtime

In order to meet steadily rising end-user needs, energy equipment must increase operational cycles while steadily improving efficiency. This makes accuracy of the utmost importance, since any unplanned downtime can disrupt an entire population’s energy supply.

Mitutoyo’s Expertise

Dependable energy production requires the most reliable metrology solutions available. Armed with Mitutoyo’s versatile portfolio of metrology solutions and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services, you can ensure the quality and accuracy of your components in the lab, the production plant and in the field.

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration services for equipment of all types

Trusted dimensional measurement accuracy for even the most complex components

Advanced measuring solutions suited for harsh measuring environments

Portable wireless data collection for in-process and on-location data capture

Energy Metrology Solutions by Mitutoyo

Whether your energy application calls for quality verification or component monitoring, Mitutoyo offers the metrology solutions you need for reliable performance.
coordinate measuring machines
Coordinate Measuring Machines

Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement, our CMM solutions are ideal for 3D inspection

form measurement
Form Measuring

Our form measuring solutions accurately assess complex geometries of any shape, roundness or roughness

small tool instruments and data management
Small Tool Instruments and Data Management

Easily manage your measurement data using a Mitutoyo data management system powered by MeasurLink® software

vision measuring machines
Vision Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo builds a wide array of highly accurate, best-in-class vision systems for non-contact measurement applications

Inspecting for Quality in Record Time

The global oil and gas industry depends on the precision machined components produced at Express Engineering. See how Mitutoyo’s rapid, accurate CMM solution — the UK’s largest — helped them accurately inspect wellheads in one-third of the time.

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