American National Standards in Dimensional Metrology, ASME B89

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME, is the developer of American National Standards in dimensional metrology. The designated committee is called “B89”. The standards are copyrighted and cannot be distributed here. Below is a link to the ASME website to purchase standards.
Some of the important ASME B89 standards include:

ASME B89.1.5 Plain External Diameters (Master Discs or Cylindrical Plug Gages)
ASME B89.1.6 Plain Internal Diameters (Master Rings or Ring Gages)
ASME B89.1.7 Steel Measuring Tapes
ASME B89.1.9 Gage Blocks
ASME B89.1.10 Dial Indicators
ASME B89.1.13 Micrometers
ASME B89.1.14 Calipers
ASME B89.1.17 Thread Wires
ASME B89.3.1 Roundness
ASME B89.3.4 Axis of Rotation
ASME B89.3.7 Surface Plates
ASME B89.4.19 Laser Trackers
ASME B89.4.22 Articulated Arm CMMs
ASME B89.7.2 Measurement Planning
ASME B89.7.3.1 Decision Rules
ASME B89.7.3.2 Measurement Uncertainty
ASME B89.7.3.3 Reliability of Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty Statements
ASME B89.7.4.1 Risk Analysis
ASME B89.7.5 Traceability