With the founding principle that you serve your customers best when your commitment is backed not only by a sales and service network, but also with production facilities as close as possible, Mitutoyo established its first US location in 1963. We now have locations all over the US and Canada including corporate offices, sales offices, M3 Solution Centers, calibration labs, and manufacturing plants. Mitutoyo produces the most advanced and sophisticated metrology equipment available. That is why we are the familiar and favorite brand in the US and all over the world.

965 Corporate Blvd.
Aurora, IL 60502
Toll Free:1-888-MITUTOYO
Phone: (1-888-648-8869)
Fax: 630-820-2614
2121 Meadowvale Blvd.
Ontario Canada L5N 5N1
Phone: 905-821-1261
Fax: 905-821-4968
Traceability / Verification
Knowledgeable sales group personnel can assist with any product related question or request you have.

Sales Group
Knowledgeable sales group personnel can assist with any product related question or request you have.

Product Training and Support
Our sales group is available to assist you with any product-related questions or needs you have. With one simple phone call you can get information about availability, help with determining the right tool or instrument for you, or pricing. We can also determine which distributor is nearest to you. Call today.

A2LA Accredited Calibration Lab
World class calibration labs provide fast, NIST-traceable calibration, keeping your tools accurate and productive.

Repair Service
Send your tools and instruments to Mitutoyo for fast, accurate, warranted repair service.

A2LA Accredited Field Service
On-site installation, calibration and repair for instruments and CMMs provided by factory-trained engineers.

Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology
Industry-leading training from basic metrology principles to advanced QC studies throughout the US and Canada.

M3 Solution Centers and Showrooms
Metrology Resource Centers throughout the US show you the latest technologies or help with applications.

Research and Development
Mitutoyo America’s CTLabs and Micro Encoder Inc. are part of an international network of Mitutoyo R&D facilities charged with developing breakthrough metrology technologies.

Repair Parts
Our parts department stocks over 10,000 parts ready to ship within 24 hours!