Designed for the Shop Floor


Constructed with a symmetric structure and uniform materials, along with innovative technologies, gives the MiSTAR 555 an accuracy guarantee for a wide range of temperatures between 10 to 40˚ C.

Superior Contamination Resistance

The MiSTAR 555 features the newly developed Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE scale that is more than two times better than conventional CMMs for precision measurements in challenging production line environments.

Compact Space-saving Design


The MiSTAR’s three-sided open structure with single supporting moving bridge and storage cabinet for machine controllers under the measuring table reduce the CMM’s footprint by about 70% compared to conventional models.

Versatile Measurements Anywhere

No compressed air or air lines are needed to operate the MiSTAR 555. Plug the CMM into any conventional 120V wall socket for highly precise in-line or near-line measurements you can trust.

Shop floor measurement requires a special mix of capabilities, including durability, high accuracy and faster measurements, and the MiSTAR 555 CMM features them all. Mitutoyo developed the MiSTAR to be the most capable and versatile shop-floor CMM available. With this limited-time promotion of up to 30% off, now is the time to see how this unique and innovative CMM can take your in-line and near-line measurements above all others.

A Deal You Can't Pass Up

The MiSTAR 555 Shop Floor CNC CMM promotional package includes:

  • MCOSMOS V5.2 CMM Level 1 software that includes MiCAT planner
  • PH6M SP25 Fixed head scanning probe system with FCR25 port rack
  • Factory trained installation along with A2LA accredited calibration and training
  • QuickLauncher to easily start a measurement program from the touch screen
  • Two days of part programming from the Mitutoyo Enhanced Services Division

This special offer lasts through June 28 2024. For more details, or to learn more about the MiSTAR 555 CMM’s capabilities, contact your Mitutoyo Sales Representative or visit the nearest Mitutoyo M³ Solution Center.

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