Product Literature

Product brochures contain the essential technical detail you need to make informed decisions on any particular product. Simply click on a title to download a PDF copy of that brochure. If you would like a hard copy of a brochure, technical advice on any product or a demonstration then please contact us. We’re always happy to help!

General Literature

 Introduction to Precision Measuring Instrument Solutions
 Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments

Catalog US-1003

Each section contains the headline technical information alongside low resolution illustrations and product photography. If you would like high resolution files please feel free to contact us. For the latest up-to-date information on all our products visit our online product catalog.

 e-Book US-1003 Catalog – Desktop, Tablet and Phone

 Table of Contents “Intro”
 Mitutoyo Warranties
 Section A

Data Managment A-1-17

 Section B

Micrometer Heads-B-55–76

 Section C

Inside Micrometers-C-11–19
Bore Gages-C-20–30

 Section D

Digimatic Height Gages-D-37–49
Depth Gages-D-50–58
 Section E

Gage Blocks-E-2–24
Height Master-E-25–31
Reference Gages-E-32–44
Granite Surface Plate-E-44–46

 Section F

Digimatic Indicators-F-2–14
Dial Indicators-F-15–47
Dial Test Applications-F-48–60

 Section G

Linear Gage-G-2–29
Laser Scan Micrometer-G-30-47

 Section H

Digimatic Scale Units H-2-8
Linear Scales H-9-33
 Section I

Profile Projector I-2-13
Microscopes I-14-40

 Section J


 Section K

Hardness Testing Machines K-2-8
Rockwell Hardness K-9-12
Portable Hardness K-13-17

 Section L

Coordinate Measuring Machines L-1-16
Software L-17-19
Probes L-20-24
Accessories L-25-26

  Section M

Vision Measuring Systems M-2-19

Part Break Downs

Below we have made available our spare part lists for many of our small tool products. Each file contains a series of exploded diagrams listing spare part information.

Users Manuals

View and download user manuals for Mitutoyo Micrometers, Calipers, height measuring tools, dial indicators and many other Mitutoyo products.