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Coordinate Measuring Machines

 Mitutoyo’s Full Line of CMMs
 MiSTAR 555 Shop Floor CNC CMM
 CNC CMM Trade-In Trade-Up Program
 Styli and Accessories
Probe components from Mitutoyo
 Gold Care-PLUS Program
 MACH KO-GA-ME – Agile Measurement Solutions
 CRYSTA-Apex V Series
 CRYSTA-Apex EX Series
 CRYSTA-Apex S Series
CRYSTA-Plus M Series
MiCat Planner Software
 MACH Series
 LEGEX Series
 STRATO-Apex Series
 Car Body Measuring System
 Special CNC Specifications Introduction
 Probes for Coordinate Measuring Machines
 CMM Surftest Probe
MSURF has been updated to Version 5.0, making this dedicated point-cloud software for Mitutoyo’s SurfaceMeasure line-laser probe even more powerful by delivering productivity improvements to a wide range of applications.
 MCOSMOS Software

Data Management

 Easy Data Management
Collect data quickly and easily with any of Mitutoyo’s Data Management products. Whether your need is to manage and retain incoming data, gather data from multiple tools to create a customer report, perform SPC, or simply send data into Excel, Mitutoyo has the solution.
 Data Management Systems
This document details how to select the right partner, hardware and software needed to fit unique applications. Whether it is a single inspection station or a multiple facility installation, Mitutoyo offers the products and solutions to bring it all together.
 MeasurLink by Industry
MeasurLink® is Mitutoyo’s Data Collection and Real-Time Statistical Process Control Software. MeasurLink® can be used in any indus- try to manage inspection data collection and improve manufactur- ing processes.
 U-WAVE Bluetooth NPI
The new U-Wave Bluetooth transmitter utilizes a different wireless technology than the U-Wave and U-Wave Fit products. The specifications of each are detailed below. Please reach out to your local sales representative or www. for more information about any of these products.
Compact, wireless data transmission system.
 U-WAVE Fit Compatible Gages
U-WAVE-TM compatible Digimatic micrometers/heads
 MeasurLink® 9
MeasurLink® Collection Scheduler
 USB Input Tool Direct: USB-ITN
 Input Tool Measurement Data Input Unit
New wireless system improves efficiency by eliminating the need for data cables when sending measurements to a PC.
 DP-1VA Logger – Digimatic Mini-Processor

Digital Scales and DRO Systems

DRO Retrofit Packages
 Linear Scale DRO Systems
NC Linear Scale Systems
Latest Generation of Absolute Assembly-Type Linear Scale. This scale leverages Mitutoyo’s unique electromagnetic induction technology to provide excellent resistance to oil, water and other contaminants when compared with optical linear encoders.
KA-200 Counter for Linear Scales
ST46-EZA Series
 MICSYS 2D Measuring System
 Digimatic Scale Unit
 Linear Scale AT402E
 Open Type Absolute Linear Scale ST700 Series
ABS AT1100

Price Lists

 World-Class Calibration Services

Vision Systems

 MiSCAN Vision System
Vision Measuring Machine with Micro-Form Scanning Probe
 Mitutoyo’s Full Line of Vision Measuring Equipment
 Quick Vision ACTIVE
 Points From Focus – Optical data collection method
 Gold Care Promotion
 Quick Vision
 2091 QV WLI
 Quick Vision STREAM Series
ULTRA Quick Vision
Quick Vision ACCEL Series 1212/1517/2021
Komeg Opti-Fix
Quick Scope
Quick Image

Optical Measurement

 Profile Projector – PJ/PV/PH Series
This profile projector can be operated intuitively, even by inexperienced users, and has excellent durability and energy saving performance thanks to the adoption of an LED illumination source and fan-less cooling system.
 Microscope Units and Objectives (UV, NUV, Visible and NIR Region)
 PH-3515 Profile Projector and 2D Processor Packages
 Measuring Microscopes MF/MF-U
 Varifocal Lens – TAGLENS
Ultra-deep-focus eliminates the most important conventional lens limitation
Revolutionizing the concept of focal points, a groundbreaking varifocal lens

 PJ-A3000 Profile Projector
 Profile Projector PV 5100 Series
 Profile Projector PH-3515F
 PH-A14 Profile Projector
 PH-A14 with M2 2D
 QM-DATA200 And Vision Unit
 Microscope Units And Objectives
 TM-Series Toolmakers’ Microscopes
 FS70 Ergonomic High Power Microscope

Test Equipment

 HM-200 Series
 Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine HR-530 Series
 Rockwell Hardness Tester
 HH-411 Impact Type Hardness Testing Unit
 Durometers Series 811 Digital/Analog

Sensor Systems

 LINEAR GAGE LG100 Series Compact-type Counter EJ Counter

 Linear Gage
 Laser Scan Micrometer – LSM-6902H
 Laser Scan Micrometer


 Mitutoyo America Corporate Brochure
 History of the Gage Block
 Full Line Product Pocket Guide
History of the Micrometer
 Product Fundamentals

Surface Roughness Measuring Machines

 Surface Roughness Measurement
 SURFTEST SJ-210 Series
 SURFTEST SJ-310 Series
 SURFTEST SJ-410 Series
 SURFTEST SJ-500/SV-2100
 SURFTEST SV-3100 Series
SURFTEST SV-3200 Series
 FORMTRACER SV-C3200/4500 Series
 Valve Seat Measuring Kit

Form Measuring Machines

 Mitutoyo’s Full Line of Form Measuring Equipment
 CONTRACER CV-2100 Series
 CONTRACER CV-3200/4500 Series
 FORMTRACER SV-C3200/4500 Series
 ROUNDTEST RA-2200 Series

Small Tools

High-accuracy Holtest Series micrometers make three-point/two-point bore diameter measurements
 High-Performance Height Gage
QM-Height Series
Zero CERA Block
An Ultra-low expansion ceramic gage block
Dial Test Indicators
Digimatic® Indicators ID-C Series
For Calculation, Peak-Value Hold and Bore Gage Applications
 Dedicated Micrometers
AOS Calipers
IP67 ABSOLUTE Coolant-Proof Caliper
ABS Coolant Proof Caliper – Micrometer
Digimatic® Micrometer MDC-MX
High-Accuracy Digimatic® Micrometer MDH-25MB
Ratchet Thimble Micrometer
Fast, Non-rotating Spindle Digital Micrometer
 ABSOLUTE Digimatic® Micrometers
Portable Micrometer with constant and low measuring force mechanism in the thimble
 Fine Pitch Micrometer Heads
E1006 Micrometer Heads
1501-511 Digimatic® Bore Gage
Inside Diameter Measurement Bore Gage
Bore Gages for Blind Holes
New model measures blind-hole diameter with high accuracy and high durability.
 Solar Digital Calipers with ABSOLUTE System
Digimatic® Universal Protractor
IP67 Hook Style Digimatic® Depth Gage
ID-S Series ABS Digimatic® Indicator
Simple, Easy-to-use Solar and Battery-powered Digimatic® Indicators
 ID-S Solar ABS Indicator
ABS Coolant Proof Digimatic Indicator ID-N/ID-B
ABS Digimatic® Indicator ID-C
A Brief History of the Micrometer
CERA Straight Master
ABSOLUTE Digimatic® Height Gage Series 570
Digimatic® Height Gage
 Linear Height 2D Measuring Gage

General Literature

For medical & pharmaceutical applications
 Quick Guide to Precision Measuring Instruments
World-Class Calibration Services
 Mitutoyo Custom Solutions

Catalog US-1005

Each PDF section contains the headline technical information alongside low resolution illustrations and product photography. If you would like high resolution files please feel free to contact us. For the latest up-to-date information on all our products visit our online product catalog.

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 e-Book US-1005 Catalog – Desktop, Tablet and Phone

 Table of Contents “Intro”
 Mitutoyo Warranties
 Section A

Data Managment A-1-20

 Section B

Micrometer Heads-B-55–76

 Section C

Inside Micrometers-C-11–19
Bore Gages-C-20–30

 Section D

Height Gages-D-36–49
Depth Gages-D-50–58
 Section E

Gage Blocks-E-1–24
Height Master-E-25–31
Reference Gages-E-32–43
Granite Surface Plate-E-44–45

 Section F

Digimatic Indicators-F-1–14
Dial Indicators-F-15–38
Dial Test Indicators-F-39-49
Thickness Gages-F50-52
Other Gages-F-53-59

 Section G

Linear Gage-G-1–29
Laser Scan Micrometer-G-34-50

 Section H

Digimatic Scale Units H-1-8
Linear Scales H-9-35
 Section I

Profile Projector I-1-15
Microscopes I-16-41

 Section J


 Section K

Hardness Testing Machines K-1-8
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines K-9-12
Portable Hardness Testing Machines K-13-17

 Section L

Coordinate Measuring Machines L-1-15
Software and Probes L-16-27
Accessories L-28-29

 Section M

Vision Measuring Systems M-1-19

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