QM-Height Series ABSOLUTE Digital Height Gage

We are pleased to announce the New QM-Height Series ABSOLUTE Digital Height Gage with a best-in-class accuracy of 4.5µm. This high-performance height gage offers significant improvements in design and capability to the previous generation QM-Height and exceptional value to our customers. Features include:

  • New generation high accuracy / high resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection
  • New higher accuracy – ±(2.4 + 2.1L / 600)μm
  • New pneumatic flotation system / positioning grip – allows for smooth movement along surface plate (select models)
  • New large, stationary display panel with user friendly icon control keys and GO/NG LED indicator
  • Digital and USB Output (New) – Supports Mitutoyo wireless SPC Output
  • Long battery life with standard AA batteries (4) – Up to 300 hours (80 hours with regular use of pneumatic flotation function)
  • Fully compatible with existing Mitutoyo Digimatic peripherals (SPC Cables, U-Wave wireless transmitters, multiplexers…etc)
  • QM-Height Package includes AC adapter


The New QM-Height measures height, as well as step, inside/outside widths, inside/outside diameters and circle pitch (height components), and also measures free-form surface maximum/minimum heights and displacement by scanning measurement. It remembers the preceding measurement (height component) and can display the difference (pitch) between results below the measurement.


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