Mitutoyo Tracking Auto Focus

Mitutoyo’s new TAF equipped Quick Vision Systems include the following benefits;

  • Increases the throughput by eliminating the need to stop the stage motion to perform an autofocus
  • Continuous tracking of warped surfaces and stepped workpieces
  • Combine Mitutoyo’s Stroboscopic Illumination (QV Stream Systems) and TAF to enable non-stop dimensional measurement with industries highest measurement throughput
  • High performance, high resolution Tracking and Repeatability
  • TAF design allows point measurement by laser auto focus method
  • No need to add focus tools in the part programs as TAF is embedded in the measurement routine
  • Reduces the need to modify part programs for part to part variation Z axis inconsistencies as TAF adjusts to the target surface automatically
  • Available on all Mitutoyo QV Apex vision systems and the full range of our exclusive objective lenses

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