Mitutoyo CRYSTA Apex EX with PH20


  • TheCRYSTA-ApexEX500T/700T/900TseriesareCNCCMMsequippedwith the 5-axis control PH20 touch-trigger probe.
  • 5-axis operation reduces the time required for probe rotational movements and allows more flexible positioning. This also ensures easy access to complex workpieces and saves time both during programming and measurement.
  • In addition to 3-axis point measurement similar to conventional coordinate measuring machines, the PH20 probe head also supports ‘head touch’ operation for quick point measurement using the two rotational axes of the probe only, with no movement required along the CMM axes.
  • The PH20 incorporates a TP20 probe and allows the use of modules designed for the TP20. Automatic probe changeover with the TCR20 module changer is also supported.

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