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Mitutoyo Vision Promotion

For a limited time, Mitutoyo America Corporation is offering a special software productivity package included on promotional vision measuring system models.

The metrology software productivity pack has a $15,200 value and includes:
  • QV3DCAD – uses 3D CAD models to easily create part programs to improve program creation efficiency and reliability
  • Formtracepak – performs contour tolerance and form analysis from data obtained with the QVPAK edge detection tools and laser probe data points
  • MeasurLink® 9 data management solution – delivers advanced, real-time data capture, analysis and reporting from the shop floor, lab or in the field.
  • 5-year software phone support

Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Systems models eligible in this promotion include:

  • QV Active 202
  • QV Active 404
  • QV Apex 302
  • QV Apex 404
  • QV...

New QS-L Series Generation C Vision System

Mitutoyo America Corporation Releases New QS-L Series Vision Measuring System

Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the new QS-L Generation C Vision Measuring System. The QS-L Generation C has updated optics that now utilizes the same optics, lenses and lights as the QV Active. It has high-speed autofocus to help reduce measurement time as well as improved X- and Y- Axis accuracy with its high-rigidity cross-travel stage and improved Z-Axis accuracy with its Vision AF (originally developed for MF Generation D). The QS-L Generation C offers increased high-speed measurement and accuracy as well as newly updated software functions, increasing its ability to take new measurements and make it more user-friendly for operators. If you would like further information or assistance regarding this product, please contact your Mitutoyo Sales Representative or nearest regional Mitutoyo Sales...

Data Management Systems

As manufacturing companies move toward implementing modern techniques such as Industrial IoT and Statistical Process Control, many companies find integrating measurement data collection into their network can be difficult. Many questions arise, such as: what technology is available, which products are better for an application and which supplier can be trusted as a partner to guarantee success. As a global leader in Metrology Hardware, Software and Services, Mitutoyo is frequently called upon to assist manufacturers in implementing a Data Management System. Partner with Mitutoyo to design your data management system. This document details how to select the right partner, hardware and software needed to fit unique applications. Whether it is a single inspection station or a multiple facility installation, Mitutoyo offers the products and solutions to bring it all together....