Mitutoyo M Plan 5X Objective for Macro Photography – the Lowdown

The Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 5X for Macro Photography – the lowdown

This objective simply can’t be as good as everyone says it is – not at that price. The competition are having to charge thousands of dollars for lenses of this quality – apochromatic, insanely sharp, and with a working distance so long, the photons have to pack a lunch. I just described a $2-4,000 lens (at least), but Mitutoyo sells the 5X for $720 and the 10X in the mid $800s. How can they do that?

I explain that, and a lot of other M-Plan Apo facts (mixed in with a few completely made up things that just kinda slipped out).

What I don’t do in this video is talk a lot about how to use it – that is going to get its own video(s). As I was making this video, my Mitutoyo 20X objective appeared on the scene! A lot more about that later.