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Mitutoyo IMTS booth tour

IMTS 2016 is gone but not forgotten. Relive IMTS 2016 by taking a look at some of the featured products in the Mitutoyo booth.

Mitutoyo IMTS 2016 Booth Review

Welcome to the IMTS 2016 post show review of featured products from Mitutoyo. Let’s start with the 500 Series of IP-67-rated ABSOLUTE Coolant-Proof Calipers can be used in harsh shop conditions such as those exposed to coolant, water, dust or oil. Our advanced design means there’s no need to wipe or clean the scale. The automatic power on/off shuts down the LCD after 20 minutes of inactivity, but the absolute measurement system eliminates the need to reset the origin when the tool is turned on. The calipers can be integrated into statistical process control and measurement systems.

The 511 series of bore gages for blind holes measures ID at positions close to the bottom of blind holes. A carbide contact point ensures high durability and increases wear resistance. A large, hollow grip reduces the effects of body heat on high-accuracy measurements.

The SERIES 519 Mu-checker, an analog and digital electronic micrometer with switchable measurement ranges, is suited for a variety of applications from the inspection room to production-line integration. High-resolution lever-head probes allow multi-point measurements of small parts, flatness and straightness measurement on an X/Y table, as well as runout measurement of shafts. Probes are offered with a standard measuring force of 0.2N, or a low measuring force of 0.02N.

The latest version of the KA-200 Counter has been updated with many new features including absolute and incremental modes, non-linear error compensation, function lock, adjustable LED intensity, multiplier function and an option to output directly to spreadsheets using a USB card.
A large, crisp display allows the operator to read the numbers at a glance. In addition, an improved sub-display makes it easy to navigate through parameters. Switch between absolute and incremental modes with the push of a button. Each mode offers 10 presets. A function lock holds the settings and prevents accidental changes of settings. A calculator function allows operators to calculate angles, distances and other measurements.

The ABSOLUTE AT1100 linear scales are the latest generation of assembly-type linear scales that incorporate Mitutoyo’s electromagnetic induction technology, which provides resistance against contaminants such as cutting fluids, oil and water. The innovative shape and location of the detector track in the aluminum frame provides a highly effective defense against the contamination of the scale and sensor, even in harsh environments. The sensor-to-scale air gap is approximately 0.4 mm, about 4 times as wide as that of conventional optical or electromagnetic induction systems, thereby providing additional protection against dust or oil contamination.
The Quick Vision Active CNC vision measuring systems are easy-to-operate with advanced functionality to meet many contact and noncontact measuring needs. The unit is highly efficient and flexible, offering a wide field of view with interchangeable objective zoom lenses to meet the challenges of measuring small to large features. The 8-step zoom lens can achieve a magnification range of 0.5 times to 7 times while maintaining crisp image quality. The 1X optional objective achieves a magnification range of 0.5 times to 3.5 times with a working distance of 74 mm. The 2X option can achieve a magnification range of 1 to 7 times. Quick Vision Active is available with measuring ranges of 10 x 8 x 6 inches or 16 x 16 x 8 inches, with or without the touch-probe measuring option.

QVPAK software uses edge detection and pattern recognition to locate and orientate the coordinate system with minimal operator input, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of the measurement results.

New this year is the Innovation and Technology Center, which highlights forward-thinking technologies Mitutoyo is involved with, including our recent partnership with TAG Optics, developer of the world’s fastest variable focusing lenses. Other highlights include Mitutoyo’s participation with MTConnect and Quality Information Framework, complementary protocols that monitor the process and the part being measured.