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Mitutoyo Gage Blocks – How to Use Gage Blocks

This video is a quick introduction to precision gage blocks which are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. Mitutoyo offers a complete selection of gage blocks available in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch and steel or CERA (ceramic) types.

Topics include:
What Are Gage Blocks?
How To Use Gage Blocks
Building Up A Stack
Perfect Wringing of Gage Blocks
Advantages of Ceramic Gage Blocks

Mitutoyo America Demo – IP67 Caliper

This video covers replacing the battery in the Mitutoyo IP67 Caliper and setting the zero point. In addition to the quick demo, there are some great tips on using Mitutoyo’s Coolant Proof IP67 Caliper.

Mitutoyo America Demo – Constant Force Caliper

This demo video covers replacing the battery in the Mitutoyo Constant Force Caliper and the proper procedures for measuring resilient surfaces. There is also a comparison measurement between the Mitutoyo Constant Force Caliper and a standard Mitutoyo Caliper on a resilient surface.

Mitutoyo MDH Featured on Quality Digest Live

A highly rigid frame and high-performance constant-force mechanism enable more stable measurement, while the clicks emitted while the work piece is being measured assure the operator that measurement is proceeding normally. Learn more about the Mitutoyo MDH Micrometer High-Accuracy Sub-Micron Digimatic Micrometer.