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Mitutoyo America Grand Opening

Mitutoyo America Corporation opened the doors to its brand new corporate headquarters on Monday, October 14th to over 200 special guests. The day started with a building dedication to all MAC employees with speeches from Mr. Shigeyuki Sasaki, President of Mitutoyo America Corporation, Rev. Kodo Umezu, Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of America and Mr. Toshihide Numata, Advisor to Mitutoyo Corporation.

Ko-ga-me & Robot Integration

Mitutoyo has a wide variety of near-line and in-line gage technologies developed for the shop floor. Here we see one of the latest innovations in our Mach line of CMM’s the MACH Ko-ga-me 12128. This gage was developed to be placed within the work cell to create an in-line measuring solution. It is a fully functional CMM with 120mmx120mmx80mm (5″ x 5″ x 4″) with a 900mm (35.43″) per second measuring speed. It has a 2.2 µm overall accuracy utilizing .02 µm Mitutoyo scale technology. This machine can be fitted with either a TP 200 touch trigger probe or a SP 25M scanning probe system. This system is ideal for high volume, high speed applications, where accuracy and throughput of small work pieces are critical to production. The system features minimal setup requirements with no air and runs on a standard electrical supply of 120V.

In this demonstration unit we see the gage is mounted on a robust stand that has an extended manual Z axis to allow for taller work pieces or fixtures. The parts are automatically deposited in the measurement envelope using a Fanuc pick a place robot. Using pass/fail feedback signals based on the measurements collected, the judgment is then sent to the robot where to deposit the work piece after the measurements have been completed. This custom integration was created by Mitutoyo’s own in house Solutions group whose responsibility is to design and build or assist customers with specific cell and production line development to facilitate inline or near line Quality Control systems. These configurations are largely designed in collaboration with the end users and integrators as they relate to this and other inline technologies, which include CMM’s, Form, Vision, or any of the many other items featured in our catalog.

Mitutoyo America Corporation Opens New Seattle M3 Solution Center

Mitutoyo America Corporation opened the first M3 Solution Center in the northwest United States region, located in Renton, WA on July 10th. This new 7,600 sq. ft. showroom is conveniently located so customers can schedule appointments for product demonstrations and assistance with metrology solutions and application challenges.

“Our goal is to provide timely metrology solutions to our customers, in a region that is home to a vast aerospace industry. The benefit of opening this new M3 Solution Center was the accessibility in offering an experienced metrology specialist to our customers that could provide up to date and knowledgeable metrology information for any situation they may encounter”, says Jeff Thompson Regional Sales Manager, West region.

Mitutoyo Gage Blocks – How to Use Gage Blocks

This video is a quick introduction to precision gage blocks which are the primary standards vital to dimensional quality control in the manufacture of parts. Mitutoyo offers a complete selection of gage blocks available in a choice of rectangular or square, metric or inch and steel or CERA (ceramic) types.

Topics include:
What Are Gage Blocks?
How To Use Gage Blocks
Building Up A Stack
Perfect Wringing of Gage Blocks
Advantages of Ceramic Gage Blocks

YAMI – Mitutoyo America Customer Success Story

Mitutoyo Customer Success Story
Yahagi America Molding, Inc.

Yahagi America Molding, Inc. (YAMI, Park City, KY) recently sought out new metrology technology to capture a greater share of business from its largest customer. As a result of the investment, the company expects to nearly triple its revenues in the next few years because of an increased ability to process a wider range of parts—especially with tighter tolerance work with stringent quality control demands.

Mitutoyo America Demo – IP67 Caliper

This video covers replacing the battery in the Mitutoyo IP67 Caliper and setting the zero point. In addition to the quick demo, there are some great tips on using Mitutoyo’s Coolant Proof IP67 Caliper.

Mitutoyo America Demo – Constant Force Caliper

This demo video covers replacing the battery in the Mitutoyo Constant Force Caliper and the proper procedures for measuring resilient surfaces. There is also a comparison measurement between the Mitutoyo Constant Force Caliper and a standard Mitutoyo Caliper on a resilient surface.