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Changing The Resolution – Mitutoyo LSM

Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 03

The resolution for the Laser Scan Micrometer can be changed in the Basic Setup Menu. The 1st option is resolution setting. The manual will show a chart of setting vs resolution for your Laser.

Changing Segments and Measuring Diameters – Mitutoyo LSM

Mitutoyo LSM Tutorial Episode 01

Most customers are using Laser Scan Micrometers to measure diameters. In this episode we will explain the basic principle of the Mitutoyo Laser Scam Micrometer, how to measure a diameter by changing segments, and the most accurate position for measuring diameters.

Product Demos

Mitutoyo Product Demos


Mitutoyo America Videos

Mitutoyo America Video Channel

Written descriptions and still pictures can only go so far in describing how things work, or are used. That’s why we are offering these video clips to clearly demonstrate typical usage of Mitutoyo measuring tools and systems, from the simplest hand tool to the most advanced measuring machines. The selection is modest at the moment, but will grow with time, so check back occasionally and you may find something has been added that strikes a chord with a particular application you have. To be notified of updates please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of any webpage. [embedyt][/embedyt]...

Mitutoyo Gold Care

Gold Care is Back by Popular Demand
Your ultra-precise part inspection process demands the best. But the cost of ownership issues drives a strong bottom line focus as well. Our Gold Care Program lets you achieve both. Simply it’s the packaging of our industry leading Coordinate Measuring Machines and Vision Measuring Systems paired with productivity enhancing products and services. Packages are valued at up to $20,000 and bundled at our base machine price.

To learn more visit or call 888-mitutoyo. 

Included in the Gold Care Program:
• A “Second Year” Extended Warranty
• Two-year “Bronze” Calibration Agreement*
• Five-year Software Technical Phone Support
• One seat at Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology Class**
• MeasurLink® Pro Edition Quality Data Management Software*
• MITuTOYO Eco-Fix® or Opti-Fix® Starter Fixture Kit
• MITuTOYO Starter Stylus Kit (Included with Touch Probe Machines)

Qualifying machines include:
CRYSTA APEX S 500/700/900/1200, CRYSTA-PLUS MANUAL 400/500/700, QV-APEX 302/404/606 and QV-APEX 302TP/404TP/606TP

* Not included with the CRYSTA-PLUS MANUAL 400/500/700 
** New addition to Gold Care

Mitutoyo Vision Systems

Mitutoyo’s Vision product line represents the most comprehensive lineup of vision based metrology products in the world with cutting edge capabilities such as 0.25 micron accuracy, unique patented light adjustment tools, unparalleled focus capability, and new feature rich, easy to use QVPAK software. In addition to its Quick Vision machine lines, Mitutoyo also offers the easy to use Quick Scope and Quick Image Series; economical, benchtop models with many capabilities that surpass the competition.

Mitutoyo’s Quick Image and Quick Scope lines offer easy to use, economical, benchtop vision inspection solutions with features you would expect from higher end machines. Pattern Recognition, Measurement Macro Playback, and Automatic Light Controls and Edge Detection are just a few examples of the inspection capabilities these machines have to offer.

Quick Image systems offer Double- telecentric optics and large focal depth and field of view allowing easy inspection of larger workpieces in a compact space. Quick Scope systems offers easy to use, icon-based software and compact, benchtop CNC models for efficient automated inspection.

Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Systems offer variety and capability unmatched in the industry with models suitable for applications on your production line, or in your quality control room or laboratory. Leading companies worldwide depend on Mitutoyo vision inspection technology to inspect their parts and ensure quality in their products.

Mitutoyo’s Quick Vision, vision measuring machine line offers fully-automatic inspection in a variety of sizes to handle your application needs from Micro-electrical components to automotive applications, plastic injection molds, stampings and medical device components.

Quick Vision machines provide high throughput with sample rates reaching hundreds of thousands of data points in seconds with standard accuracies of 1.5 microns ensuring that you meet the most stringent efficiency and quality requirements your customers require.

QVPAK 10, Mitutoyo’s premiere Vision measurement software, offers a user-friendly and versatile programing experience with amazing features and time saving benefits. The newly redesigned intuitive user interface offers flexible, modeless dialog boxes, customizable window layouts for and standard dual monitor support for ease of operation.

Mitutoyo Contracer® CV-4500 Feature Overview

Mitutoyo Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series contour measuring systems combine speed, ease of use with best-in-class accuracy Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series contour measuring systems.  These instruments offer significantly increased productivity by combining fast traverse speeds* with many time saving and accuracy enhancing innovations.

The new Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series machines feature a precision arc-scale built into the Z1 axis (detector) allowing the arc trajectory of the stylus tip to be read directly, thus minimizing error for best in-class accuracy**.  Both series employ an innovative detector arm that lowers workpiece interference while expanding range in the Z1 (detector) axis.  The arm is also equipped with collision auto-stop to assure measurement safety even during high-speed movement. Additional safety features in the joystick unit include a drive speed control knob and emergency stop switch.

Features include:

  • Lower direction measurement
  • Bi-directional profile measurement
  • Upper direction measurement
  • Formtracepak Analysis

Mitutoyo offers four main Rockwell Hardness tester deigns

The Dial HR210, the Digital HR320 MS Rockwell and Superficial model, the HR430 model featuring the dial a weight system and automatic brake/start mechanism in both Rockwell Only and the Rockwell/ Superficial Twin tester configuration. The last type is our HR500 Series which features a similar brake/ start design but also includes a closed loop electronic loading system as well as control over all test parameters such as loading speed and scale selection.

Let’s start with the Dial type HR210. It was designed to be an economical test for those requiring an accurate Rockwell test at an economical price. It features the full 6.5″ capacity without the need to cut a hole in the table for the elevating screw and most importantly, it uses a motor to apply and remove the major test force instead of the oil dash pot system found on some inexpensive imports. This assures that operator influence is reduced and tests run much more consistently.

The HR320 features a digital display with the corresponding benefits of 0.1 HR units, common scale conversions, an offset for cylindrical type corrections, and all three timing functions are adjustable. Its twin tester design allows the operator to test on all 15 Rockwell scales and all 15 Superficial scales when optional indenters are used. The adjustable hanging weight system is used to keep costs down and is a good option when you need a highly versatile tester for future testing requirements.

The two HR430 testers are similar to the digital HR320 model but the dial a weight system allows the testing scales to be changed with much less operator input. Just turn the knob and the test force is set. The automatic brake and test initiation further simplifies the test method.

The Advanced HR500 Series is for the user that wants the most accurate and repeatable results. The projected nose design allows for ID testing down to 22mm with an optional cut down indenter or 40mm for the standard model. The design also lets the elevating screw hang over the edge of the table so the full 8.1″ capacity is available without cutting holes on this model as well. The closed loop loading design does all the work of changing the scale for the operator except change the indenter. Simply select scale from the menu and all scales are selected based on the indenter type so changing from HRC to HR45N is on the same screen. A power elevating screw model is also available but the ease of use of the HR521 makes it the most popular model we offer.

Zero Your Caliper

Curtis Stubbs answers a question posted by daikaiju20 on Facebook.

i use these calipers at work and recently they display 8.7105 when i power on, have to zero out each time i power on. anyone know what will return it to zero as it should? thanks!!!