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Mitutoyo IMTS booth tour

IMTS 2016 is gone but not forgotten. Relive IMTS 2016 by taking a look at some of the featured products in the Mitutoyo booth.

Making Sense of Noncontact Sensors Webinar

Making Sense of Non-Contact Sensors

Both contact and non-contact sensors play a prominent role in the industry, however, this webinar focuses on non-contact sensors. There are various sensors and methods of data acquisition (laser, radar, etc.), all with advantages and drawbacks. Some methods are more accurate than others. We will be discussing the more accurate, or micro types of sensors, and some of the newer methods that are being used in the industry today.

-Focus Stacking or Extended Depth of Field – Points from Focus (CCD)
-Chromatic Point Sensor (spectrometer and confocal)
-Acoustic Tunable Objectives
-White Light Interferometry (interference)

SPC in 3 Steps

Statistical process control (SPC) needs to start at the point where parts are created. The X-Bar & R chart, Histogram chart and capability indexes provide three vital steps in observing your manufacturing process, from start to finish, to ensure that the process remains in control throughout. But that is only part of the puzzle. In addition, these steps provide a visual representation of the process to show how it meets customer requirements, as well as ability of your process to create parts that fit those requirements.

Mitutoyo 2016 Fall Promotion

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