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Ultra-high-speed, focusing not just at a single focal length, but at a wide range of focal lengths. Everything — even multiple subjects at different distances — in crystal clear focus. An astonishing world waits beyond the TAGLENS, full of wonders that no-one has seen before. In addition to immediately available applications such as circuit board inspection on production lines, TAGLENS offers innovative visual sensing in a range of fields, including factory automation, logistics, development of new materials, biosciences and medicine, environmental initiatives, and security.

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High Speed PFF Video

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Flaw inspection

Incorporating TAGLENS into a microscope allows it to be used for PCB flaw inspection. For example, using TAGLENS for inspection allows multiple subjects with different heights to be focused correctly, thus requiring only a single image capture, and reducing inspection time significantly.

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Appearance inspection of containers

Conventionally, focusing on points with different heights required altering the height of the camera. Now TAGLENS instantly and precisely focuses on each point without adjustments, bringing efficiency to inspection work.

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Observing fluid composition

By installing TAGLENS on a microscope, suspended solids at different distances from the objective lens and moving microorganisms can be comprehensively and precisely observed.

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Bar code reading inspection

Thanks to the wide focus range, the camera does not need to move to focus on the bar code of the targets on a conveyor belt, even if the height or direction of each target face is different.

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